50 Tau Fakaulu Fale Tapu


 2 Fepuali 1965 – 7 Fepuali 2015 “

matutaki mai kia:

akoako : Rev Iga Mokole iga.hakupu@niue.nu
ulumotua: Hon Young Vivian youngvivian@niue.nu
hagai ulumotua: Mr Robert Jackson lua@niue.nu
tohi kupu : Ahohiva Levi ahohiva.levi@mail.gov.nu
hagai tohi kupu: Jack Feleti charliesebony@niue.nu
tohitupe: Gemmo Mautama fulumoa.mautama@mail.gov.nu
hagai tohi tupe: Tom Misikea tomsnr.misikea@mail.gov.nu


Fakaholoaga Palao

1. Tau palao fakapapahinumera 5 04/02/2014 <click link to access> 


Exterior face-lift work of the Hakupu church began last Friday. Volunteers helped paint the original grey blocks with white colour and is probably the first time since the church was opened in 1965. It would, when completed, turn over the entire face change and induction of new life into the House of God. The aging colour served its time for the congregation skin with depth of memories. White colour breaks the creepy looking building. 

Kanana He Fakalofanoa

 The Council of Deacon decided to do it on their own helped by the village people to save cost. It’s only the beginning though it took time to get things rolling the program finally kicked off facilitated by Deacon Tom Misikea. Already the face conversion has impact the village field colour scheme. 

The work force, which is , done with love and care, paves the way for success as the church contemplate the Jubilee milestone in February 2015. 

Soon the work force will shift to the interior renovation. Visitors marvelled at the impressive new look though it’s meant to be the first coat work. Thanks to the initial workforce skills and tenacity that makes the work happens. It’s not an easy task with the massive height and space to cover.  

The church invites voluntary donations for the renovation project. Please respond directly to the web site commentary space for guidance. All donations shall be officially acknowledged and publicised or contact Rev Igatote Mokole, Hakupu Church Pastor, Central Point, Hakupu, Niue.

Lautolu he aho Fakamua ne vali : Rev Iga Mokole, Rev Vili Viviani, Hon Young Viviani, Robert Jackson, Tom Misikea, Fulumoa Mautama, Jack Feleti, Boavao Mitiepo, Danny Viviani, Danny Vilila, Tutavaha, Sully Paea, Jaz Funaki, Whydean Misikea, Lilo Misikea, Fuai Viviani,

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