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 10/01/2013 50th BIRTHDAY SPLASH!! 

The holiday season is a jovial period of celebrating life with families and friends. 

And sure does the 50th birthday party of two incredible lady twins, Wani Anna Erick-Teofilo and Sheelagh Veteaga-Cooper. Wani travelled all the way from Brisbane, Australia and Sheelagh flew from New Zealand for the finale celebration held at the Kaiika Restaurant of Lautote and Avi Rubin at Opaahi of Alofi South on Wednesday evening 8 January 2014. 

Fifty years ago the blessed twins of the late Wani Hoyt-Veseaga and the late Punapa Erick Veseaga were born at the now destructed Lord Liverpool Hospital at Tufukia just about two hundred meters from the party location. The double blessing may not look the same but they definitely do have identical thoughts, affection and ideas. 

When the notion of the Galiki Family reunion on Niue surfaced the golden duo quickly took up the opportunity to picky back the festivity while once at home. Graced by the presence of aunties, uncles, siblings, cousins and friends from here and abroad planning the party had no fussy affair. 

Steady diet of taros and pork throughout the feast season very much forced them to choose a distinctive venue with a different menu of Japanese cuisine for the meal. 

Dullness of the evening contributes cool air vapour brushed into the main restaurant and red ark bar at the back. In all, fanning invited guests through an unforgettable meeting, chatting, drinking and being merry on the beautiful Rock of Polynesia. 

Beneath the sixty meters cliff opposite the road sea waves batters on the rugged reef for the night. 

Guests mingled, jived and giggle on with every little humour shared from the birthday girls’ childhood tales. The duo bowed and smile in humility. 

MC Aytron Ratuisuva Veteaga Tatui wasted little time guiding the invited guests through the party formality. Rev Navy Salatielu presented a brief devotion and blessing of the twins. 

Everyone enjoyed the Japanese cuisine and New York type pizza. From the bird eye view of the red ark guests packed into the restaurant and outside the car park. 

Sara Rubin and her sister Minnie Rubin sang four Niuean songs of jubilation as the crowd clapped and cheered. Tina Tuibenau and  Francesca Teofilo led two African rhythm music with hip hop style floor show. 

Wine and assorted drinks splash the guests in merriment as they talked, laughed and screamed at the birthday girls. 

It was a memorable do, simple; a delicious and healthy menu charmed the crowd until late in the night. 

Happy long life Wani and Sheelagh! 


High five was the par to Tulaio Michael Junior Jackson’s 21st party on Friday 13 December. His childhood aspiration to live a happy life and become successful lingers in his mind misted by his distinctive cheery smile. 

 He’s the baby son of Halosi and Michael Senior Jackson hence a traditional bash was warranted to bless the birthday boy. In a short time Tula has grown. 

At the first light families and friends gathered at the Jackson Fufou  residence to help prepare the massive traditional umu for the 11 pigs and assorted food. But that was not enough to fit all of the wrapped food so extra umus were made. 

The boy has grown into a tall and handsome young man eager to create manhood his imminent goal. Surrounded by his fiancé Tula beamed on stage throughout the night much to the excitement of the crowd. They talked and gulped from the bars as if they have never met in months. The party extended well into the new day with the hapless fallen soldiers taxied to their homes. That’s the true spirit of community celebration to salute the young man and deliver his blessings for a bright future. Before Tula starts his journey already it was puzzling how to remember all of the encouraging comments. 

It’s usually not about the cost; it’s about community and national friendship putting aside the past to greet the new day. 

In the new era Tula deserves the salute from his friends and families. 

Tula travelled from New Zealand accompanied by big brother Morgan Jackson and family members. Sosthena Jackson and son Mason Jackson-Mautama came from Australia for the big time celebration. Additional delegation led by Nena Tulei Togiamana arrived on the plane just in time for the big party at the Tuatea Community Hall. On the same flight from Auckland was the Commonwealth Inter-country Relay Baton. 

In the end Tula needs his private rest while the gang drills into the morning. By the new day he will reminisce his 21st birthday bash with fond memories. He will no longer turn 21 years. 

Marvellous celebration and best wishes to the young man, Tulaio, the name that signifies unity, victory and glory. 


He is one great guy of a modern day dude, Eugene Mautama. He is second in command of five siblings. Eugene has a likeable personality and a reputation to make friends with peers of various age groups. He looks short in height but has a towering heart. He plays rugby, cricket, darts, soccer and enjoys hunting coconut crabs, fishing, planting taros and cooking. In the old Niuean saying a man with such colourful qualities deserves a lovely wife.   

master opo mautama is very happy

The saying that everyone has the right to life and freedom of expression are true in the 21st celebration event of the young maestro. Turning of age came to him on Sunday 10 November. He deserves the focus of attention and being happy. Eugene grows with a graceful life mostly full of charm and modesty. On the actual Sunday of his birthday the family catered lunch at their home in Manunu Street to rejoice the blessing. Eugene acts King for a day, an occasion his younger siblings, Ireenah, Carl and Stuey could only dream for.  

 Parents Kerry and Pacific Enterprise were proud Mum and Dad to see their son attain the special milestone. To them it feels like yesterday that Eugene was born which shows how time flies by quickly.  

Eugene had just returned home on a Government official meeting in the Solomon Islands. A journey made longer by an overbooked Air New Zealand flight for the Auckland to Niue route. Other stranded passengers took the overbooking plane with rage on missing their loved ones in Niue. For the fresh wizard he grinned comfortably at the opportunity to indulge in an entertaining week of rest and exploration around the West Auckland winery region. 

He enjoyed the moment being stranded to guarantee every single strand of time was invested well catching up with families and once again endorse in the romantic delight of this amazing Polynesian city where pretty angels apparently flutter at night time. The seven days faded with the cold winds in the place popularly touted the Great City of Sail. 

 During which time he was dreaming and planning his own 21st party in Niue the following week. And by getting busy he made the most cuddling the teddy bear of his life.  

 It was kept a hidden secret from his parents whom already accepted his wish for an overseas holiday at the end of the year in Australia. Presuming the Australian place or places for his break would be Sydney, Gold Coast, and Adelaide nobody knows.  

 But the day of leaving Auckland came promptly to put him on the plane home with a top-secret plan to reveal to the family his desire to host and share a small dinner and cocktail drinks with his buddies.  

 There was no written invitation which meant Eugene had to visit the invitees in person an hour prior to the major occasion. The choice of invitees was of his own making which the parents admitted to have contested with him unsuccessfully.  

On the fine Saturday 16 May his family, cousins and friends helped to prepare the big umu for the pigs, wild pigeons and other superb Niuean food that visitors always crave for. But that was not all. Once the umu was closed the mob began to cook the BBQ dishes blended with icy drinks. Ambience grows by the hour as the evening looms.  

By 5 pm the residence started to fill with vehicles as the guests congregate for the private function at Manunu. More than 50 people, relatives and close friends turned up. After the cocktail drinks and waiting for the late invitees, the program begun with remarks from the father of the House.  

“Welcome and apologies for the late start! The function tonight belongs to the birthday master himself. This is his own brand of celebrating 21 years since he was born” father Pacific Enterprise humbly explained. 

“It has been a real privilege and dignity to have you son. You know well our love to raise you from the time you were a small baby to where you are today. We thank you for everything you have done to help and respect us your parents and family.”  

 “You are a blessed son. You now have a job in Government and travelled four times so far as part of your training. Please work hard and be a happy and useful young man”. 

“To us, turning 21 years is not the approval key to the world. It is a symbol of growth and becoming a responsible person and be able to identify good and bad things”  

Eugene’s father related a childhood story about the birthday boy. One day Eugene got a smack from his Dad for muffing in the makatea pit.  

In retaliation Eugene cried endlessly from the disciplinary smack. He felt really isolated and sad. Then he decided to write a letter to one of his Uncles in Auckland to ask for a Pokémon video game and lollies. Smiling, his Dad read out the broken English letter that Eugene wrote that they kept as souvenir all this time.  

Along with the humour Mum Kerry finished off reading the last two sentences of the 3 pages letter with only 5 sentences in which the crowd applauded to including the author himself.  

 Pastor Igatiatama Mokole blessed the contemporary event after Eugene delivered a firm confident speech to prove his maturity to plan for other big things in life like marriage.  

“I want to thank Mum and Dad for caring for me. I apologize for not being good all of the time. I appreciate your love and cherish the close friendship that we share in the home” Eugene says.  

‘”Tonight, I’m proud to share fun time with you all. Thank you for coming and I am grateful for your support. To all my friends I will remember today always” he concluded with emotion.  

 His colourful character shines throughout the night showed by his lively personality and kindness; serving drinks and making sure all invited guests have a good time. Eugene smiles and laughs aloud with his friends like they were siblings. As the night matures like the birthday man, it was time for the guests to slowly sail away and marvel about the wonderful yet simple and relaxing birthday celebration. What a great party of young and old sailors together.  

Happy Birthday Dear Eugene! Happy Long Life to You! 


The joy of young parents and dentists Drs Patricia and Le’Roy Tatui cannot be hidden on Sunday 22 September when the FCW representatives turned up at their Matavao Bach for the baby blessing. The joy of being parents for the second time means a lot to the young couple and family. A traditional practice kept alive to the new generation.

Baby Terry Haimau Tatui was born at Niuefoou Hospital on 18 September at 8.20 am. Small brother to Troy Crossley (the Third) Matakibau Tatui the young boy seemed mislaid of what was happening.

The family prepared light lunch to return the favour and blessing by the group led by the permanent pastor Rev Igatiatama Mokole and wife Ala Mokole. Baby Terry’s mother is Catholic by religion but was just as keen to let the old do take place. Her sister Vivian Matakibau came especially from Fiji to be with them for the birth and later in the week take Troy with her to Fiji on vacation. Mum Patricia and baby Terry will accompany Troy in November followed by Dad Le’Roy.

Friends also gathered to celebrate the new born of the village.

Congratulations to the Tatui family. God bless Baby Terry Tatui!

3 thoughts on “Anniversary & Birthdays

  1. Congratulations Tamyrah Mautama & your partner for a beautiful baby boy to add to the Mautama Lalovi tribe.
    Kia Monauina

    Aunty Lema xx

  2. Congratulation Roy and Patricia on the grand arrival of your beautiful bundle of Joy. Love from your family in Palmerston North.

  3. LIke to thank everyone who turned up to help celebrate my 21st birthday, to my family and everyone especially my parents for everything that you have done. Most of all i would like to Thank Uncle Cross and Aunty Pua for the article..Not forgetting the bro’s.Una,Tiu,Jeff , Sis Ina and Kirs, Uta, Tivi, Amo, Loi , Lucy PJ, Aunty Pete and Ko, Cuz Ino and Ani, Sui..everyone who turned up tht night..

    Fakaue Oue tulou..

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