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 30/12/2013 Hakupu & Tamakautoga GB meets half way  

Officer Tanaki conducting the training

The last activity for the year 2013 for Girls Brigade is based on the theme of ‘fellowship and meet halfway’ between two village-based companies.  Like other companies, Hakupu and Tamakautoga GB finally met halfway at Avatele beach for a social and educational event on Wednesday 4 December 2013 at 4.30pm.  

Mrs Antoinette Tanaki, lead Officer in charge facilitated the programme along with counterpart Mrs Sue StClair.  They have served as GB Officers for more than 10 years and this event is an opportunity to share their educational and social experiences for the young girls.  Other officers and helpers who assisted and supported were Mrs Ala Mokole, Adorra Misikea, Rossy Mitiepo and Tiara Tukuniu. 

Officer Stclair with the brigades

A fall-in formation and command was conducted by Mrs Tanaki.  Miss Momana Kalauni the only Young Leader took the fall-in position with the rest of the girls following in order of tallest to the shortest. A brief devotion to open the session was led by Mrs StClair.    Quizzes, debates and games were the highlight for the evening that centred on the story of Jesus birth, gearing up for Christmas.  

The two companies were combined and divided into two groups, which was led by Adorra Misikea and Rossy Mitiepo.  The girls enjoyed participating in the activities sharing joy and laughter as they responded actively to the quiz questions.  The debate activity was seemingly new to some of the very young girls but seen as a positive educational development component. Officers also shared a few of the activities they had learnt while growing up as brigaders in their younger years. 

happy swimming

Before sundown the girls ended the fellowship with shared refreshments and the much anticipated swim in the serene waters of Avatele beach.    




27/09/2013 Fund Raise

Adventurous thinking, simple planning and bold action by the Hakupu Girls Brigade executive and the members to raise fund for their spiritual welfare activities was praised by many who attended as fascinating. The newly invented do was held at the Pastor’s residence at the village green.

Its second event in three weeks caught the attention of village and outside buyers lingering whilst the charcoal BBQ system flames to the rightful heat. The neat line of cleaned flying fishes crackles by the charcoal heat emitting rouse of appetizing savoir for the waiting buyers. On the peak, the young brigade participated and learnt as much from the experience. It was the best way to learn straight from the highest of the pecking order, none other than the Pastors Ala and Iga Mokole. On deck to offer free hand support was Rossy Mitiepo guiding the finances received while the girls learnt the art of food preparation and packing.

The first public stall glimpsed the sale of Niuean porridge on a gusty cold evening. Most buyers crave instant over the counter trade. But the most spectacular part was home delivery in a Mc Donald burger style package. Basic costing of the round price for one green coconut half shell of ‘nane’ would make the operation at a loss.

Profit was never the intention of the deal other than teaching its members life skills that are useful for them to do together and aim for a worthwhile group goal. Rev. Mokole says, ‘It is not a fundraising as such, it’s a bonding exercise and leadership training for the Girls Brigade and Boys Brigade.  Leadership is not only from the front, leadership to me is how good the person does its task to the best of their knowledge. Assessing them on their knowledge and skills on culture and values is importance”.

They all think alike, contributed food for the event and took part in the whole set up. They left nothing to chance working against the clock to make sure the food was ready just as advertised.

WiFi internet presented simple marketing for the mass buyers to trial the newest BBQ stall idea being tested. There were no delay just hungry buyers getting nutty by the BBQ mind boggling smell.

12/07/2013 TAU MAMATUA Fakaalofa lahi atu. (pics by ‘officer antoinette tanaki’)

national ‘girls brigade’ camping at the Tuatea Primary school

Liuaki atu e Fakaaue ke he mafola mo e malolo ne foaki mai he Atua ke he tau momoui ha tautolu kua maeke ke feleveia atu pehe nei.

Hanei kua manako ke fakailoa atu e tau manatu FAKAAUE LAHI MAHAKI kia mutolu e tau mamatua ha ko e tau lagomatai oti, tau fakaalofa, tau levekiaga oti ke he fekafekauaga KEMU he Niue Girls Brigade ne fakahoko he okioki vaha tapu kua mole ke he fonua aoga I Tuatea.  Fakaaue atu foki ke he lagomatai ke fakamea mo e fakamaopoopo e fonua ke lata mo e kemu nei.

Oue tulou ke he tau kai lolo, tau inu humelie  ne kua tauteute he Matua Akoako ha tautolu pihia foki kia mutolu e tau mamatua ne aahi age ke he fonua I Tuatea ke fakakia a mautolu.

Fakaaue lahi foki ke he Takitaki Maaga ha ko e fakaataaga he fonua/kaina ke fakaaoga a mautolu. Pihia mo e tau matakau Youth, WC, Play Centre ne leveki ke he tau poko kua foaki mai ke fakaaoga. Fakamolemole atu ke he matakau ne toka ai e taha vala he tau palaki moli mae hall, ha kua tau aahi atu ha ko e manako ke fakapuho mo e tamate e tau moli ke he pouli he po mo e pogipogi.

officer mrs tanaki and hkp brigade

Thank you parents for your trust in us GB Officers to allow your children to attend this camp.   Fakaaue lahi atu ke he mahani omaoma, fakalilifu mo e mitaki I loto he kemuaga ke he tau fanau ha mutolu ne o atu he kemu. Mailoga foki ko e liu laia ke lagaki mai e kemu pehe nei ke he tau maaga I tua he oti e kemu fakahiku he tau 1999. Kaeke kua fai mena ne nakai fe o tatai mo e ha mutolu a tau kitiaaga po ke tau logonaaga, fakamolemole atu, liuaki mai kia mautolu ti fakamagalo mai.



05th March 2013 Niue Girls Brigade takes on the Amazing Race challenge!

at the airport

The Niue Girls Brigade (GB) Committee organised its first national activity the ‘Amazing Race’, which was executed on Friday 22 February 2013, 4.30pm – 6.30pm at Hanan Airport, Alofi.  The Amazing Race as we have all seen on TV and now our very own creation with the Niue GB.

The lead planner and facilitator, Mrs. Cassandra Motufoou and her team set up eight stations full of fun activities targeting the four-sided program of the Girls Brigade – Spiritual, Educational, Social and Physical. ‘Amongst the many events taking place on the island and commitments it did not fail to deliver the event as planned’, says Mrs Motufoou.

Seven brigade companies joined from the villages of Mutalau, Liku, Hakupu, Avatele, Tamakautoga, Alofi and Tuapa that make up a total of 49 young girls.

Mrs. Lisi Poumale (Pastor’s wife from Tuapa GB Company) officially opened the activity with a word of prayer, a traditional practice at the starting of any event or function.

The Vice President of the Girls Brigade, Mrs Susana StClair welcomed the girls and Officers present and divided the girls randomly into 5 groups.  Team Star (Junior badge), Team Triangle (Pioneer badge), Team Circle (Senior badge), Team Chevron (Young Leader’s badge) and Team Crest.

The 5 teams took on the challenge of experiencing what the Amazing Race is all about. The activities at each station allowed the girls; to be blinded folded while putting together the pieces of the Girls Brigade Badge, popping a balloon to retrieve the small pieces of papers and putting the bible verse in order, counting the orange beams and coconuts in the boundary of the airport green, create a human pyramid and shout a cheer using words relating to GB, picking a box and creating something relating to GB from the materials in it, taking turns on a human wheelbarrow from within a set distance, 2 girls in a team to each weave a fan and another to weave a basket made of coconut leaves and lastly create a costume of wearable art using, plastic bags, newspaper, magazine materials, local green (ti)eaves and toilet paper.

All the girls had so much fun and lots of laughing moments to the point that they had forgot it was supposed to be a race. After cleaning up and picking up the rubbish the girls reassembled into their teams as they were in the beginning.  Mrs Becky Tauasi, President of the Girls Brigade conducted a quiz session for the girls on GB knowledge.

hakupu little stars

The evening ended with a presentation of certificates for all the girls and an ice block. The certificate is a token of their achievement in recognition of participating in the national GB event, the Amazing Race. Team Triangle, the winning team won the first prize comprised of chocolates, lollies and a pack of chocolate biscuits to share with all the team members. The remaining 4 teams received a box of chocolate biscuits each.

This sets the pace for the rest of the year’s activities. GB Committee thanks all the girls, Officers and parents for the support towards this event.

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