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Ebony from Niue(Diospyros pentama) Or Kieto as it is known locally, is found only in the deep tropical rainforest where they have grown for centuries. The black ebony wood is derived from the heart of the ebony, where it takes years to form into a dense mass of solid black gold so called because of its rich black colour when polished and natural beauty. Its yellow fruit are a favourite delicacy of the uga(coconut crab),and the forest pigeon.
Throughout Niue’s pre-colonial history, ebony was used to make traditional weapons, body ornaments and cultural artifacts, some of which are currently displayed in the museums throughout the world. Today, Ebony is stilled used for quality body ornaments and handicrafts. Jack Feleti is regarded as Niues top ebony carver and self taught. Each unique ornament is crafted by hand from raw ebony and no two pieces are exactly the same. Looked after, ebony will last a lifetime and its intrinsic value will always be treasured.
                      Ebony Carvings
Jack Feleti
Mati, Hakupu,Niue Island South Pacific
Phone (683)364

  Koe tau tufuga gahua lima he matua ko MR JACK FELETI moe haana tau fanau taane. koe falu hanei he haana tau tufuga gahua lima. To fai foki ke lalafi moe kisia ai e tau kehekehe he haana a pulotu kavigi (carving) e tau vala akau kieto moe tau ponu nifo he tau “boa vao”.

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Famous in Niue - Mr Jack Feleti


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