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01/08/2013 HAKUPU HISTORY BOOK AND ASSETS LAUNCHED (pic by niu tauevihi)

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Four months behind but it turned out to be an excellent launching event of the Village Life and Traditions of Hakupu book written by Pitasoni Tanaki,  ICT  equipments and gym gears.

On Tuesday afternoon 31 July 2012 a large crowd of the village people, Government representatives and friends attended the lovely event at the Tuatea Community hall. Still there was some disappointment at the short notice. A good reminder for the non-connected households to be connected to the village WIFI internet circuit. The programme was short, informative and sweet

The event was hosted jointly by the village council, HICT Committee, Youth and the Traditional Knowledge committees. Author Pitasoni Mahalo Tanaki was ecstatic with the historical commissioning and fulfilment of a long dream and hard work. Assisted by son Ben Junior Tanaki they treaded hard and worked long hours checking details and facts with the village forum.

Pitasoni gave an insightful summary of the big project and the home journey to hold the book in his hands. He had placed his mind in history and Niuean language research and skills most of his life and finally succeeded with the help of Rossy Mitiepo and the team. The largest challenge of all was translating the Niuean version into English which Ben found to be a daunting job.

Assemblyman Young Vivian wrote and personally signed the book foreword in front of the crowd mobbed by young children and ladies in the middle of the hall to have a glimpse of the book. It was a perfect setting blended by the grace of families who celebrated in style.

Pitasoni expressed thanks to all those who came to launch with him the book blessed by Rev Igatiatama Mokole who splattered holy water on the articles with leaves. The crowd clapped, laughed and smile testimony to a justified happy mood from the recent funeral rites for the late Isaia Tavae Talagi. He too was involved in compiling the finer facts about Hakupu village.

It was pleasing to see so many people turned up for the launching that sealed a successful opening, Pitasoni says.

‘It’s now formally launched and done with. My next aim is the WHOs WHO book of Hakupu’ he added gleefully.

Young Vivian described the achievement a wonderful piece of work and talent by a faithful and Niuean history expert ‘tupuna’ of the village.

‘We are all proud today of the book and the new assets. But please take care of the assets’ he reminded the crowd.

MET Office Director Sionetasi Pulehetoa expressed delight at the project efforts and great achievement. Public Works Director Deve Kolose Talagi also attended the launching.

Among the crowd were Elder Tutavaha Halefeleti and daughter fromPerth,Australia, andAucklandbased Margret Folau and young sister Luana Ravai.

Master of Ceremony and HICT Chairman Andre Siohane assisted by Councillor Scan Mitiepo helped with the arrangement of the event.

‘It’s killing three birds with one stone’ Andre explained to the crowd. The phrase means to accomplish three tasks with one effort.

Project Advisor Fapoi Akesi thanked the crowd for the support and urged them to keep up the good work. In the end Rev Mokole congratulated the village council for the partnership that saw the purchase of one photocopier with UNCCSD and Hakupu Ekalesia Kerisano funds.

The event was well defined, enjoyable and cherished for it was the first formal launching in the village of a historical document written by a prominent author, historian and translator, Pitasoni Mahalo Tanaki.

As the saying goes, let all good men come to the aid of a merry party. Why not?


The draft booklet on the Village Life and Traditional Knowledge of Fineone Hakupu-Atua in Niue with traditional and modern day climate change scenarios is almost coming to its conclusion. Despite the misunderstanding at the beginning of the village consultation workshops, lessons learnt have been rectified with Pitasoni Mahalo Tanaki’s election to lead the abbreviated English version.

Tau mamatua he Fono.

Prompted by his urge to research and record the village history while the few tupunas are living Mr Tanaki has done the hard part of the work and commitment on a voluntary basis. When the idea was flagged years ago many critics discard the proposal as not so important and lack of funding. But modern times with internet and computer advent have made life easier for the writers’ fraternity and must be promoted at all cost.

Writing of the English booklet is based on part of the information compiled from the previous workshops held earlier this year. Assisted by Rossy Mitiepo and a working group to check and verify the book’s grammar and references, Mr Tanaki is elated with the progress thus far.

Further discussions with the village people while important can actually tarnish the project objective as we tend to get carried away with too much discussions instead of getting on with the real business, Pitasoni says.

A workshop was held at the community centre on Thursday 21 February from 6-8 pm to screen and critique the first draft of the book. The participants all rallied behind the initial draft and endorsed for Mr Tanaki to continue with the completion in order to meet the deadline. And for Crossley Tatui to work closely with the author on editing and providing quality control issues to be passed on to the editing committee.

The project has fuelled passions within and across the people of Hakupu to see the book completed with the final printing expected by the end of March. Kilocutz Managing Director, Shane Tohovaka,  is negotiating with the publisher in New Zealand to ensure things will be accomplished as planned.

‘It is vital at this point onward to see that the fish does not slip through the net even if we do not fully achieve our goal at 100%’, Pitasoni remarked.

‘This is only a beginning for us. It’s better to have something in black and white, a document we can read, feel  and keep for our future generations’, he said.

The draft book is co-funded by the People of Hakupu and the United Nations Community-Centred Sustainable Development Project managed by the UNDP office in Samoa and the Department of Community Affairs in Niue. Once the book is printed the village plans to sell copies to overseas donor partners and anyone of Hakupu connection and the public who wants to buy a copy.

‘Let’s hope that we’ll be successful in selling our book if interested buyers could inform us in advance so we can organize properly, Rossy Mitiepo commented.

‘I would like to thank all the people who attended the meeting tonight especially our senior citizens’ she added.

With the support of Pator Igasia, Councillor Michael Naea Jackson, Jack Feleti, Malua Jackson, Tiva Toeono, Hiva and Fia Levi, Sabina Fakanaiki, Showena and Italia Tanaki, Natasha Tohovaka, and MP Young Vivian, the future looks confident for the project to do well.

‘Time will tell whether we can make the project a breakthrough’ village MP Young Vivian says.

‘This is the first part of the project. The second part is the WHO’s Who publication altogether working towards the main project, which is the book on the History of Hakupu-Atua’ Pitasoni concluded.

It has been a patchy start but with focus and real action, it has been a good exercise to show the other stakeholders our ability to do and make things happen with aid funds. A sign to gain further development prospects in future for the village. Time to make things workable for the village.

Kia Monuina!


mrs tiva toeono, michael jackson, hon. tatui and hon vivian

The Hakupu UNCCSD project team and the Traditional Knowledge Committee had its second workshop on Tuesday 11 February 2013 at Tuatea to provide updates and discussions on its first workshop meeting record. A lead up to the workshop discussions based on the agenda items prioritised historical outward and inward migration of Hakupu groups and individuals for religious, labour exchange scheme, trade and teaching missions, the type of food security events ranging from religious festivals to weddings, funeral rites, and first crop harvest and the third item discussed milestone achievements by village people in cycling, boxing, cricket, long distance running.

Committee member Pitasoni Tanaki facilitated the workshop while Rossy Mitiepo and Tristan Tanaki kept all of the meeting and group presentation minutes. The aim was to improve on the quality of discussions led by the village elders, Young Vivian, Pita Tanaki and Misatama Gihetoa Kulastea without hard evidence due to lack of written references as explained in the first article.

fapoi akesi, tohi mitiepo, luma alapaki, pita tanaki

The first workshop saw a draft record which was circulated to the people for comments but have lapsed due to over commitment to community and family tasks. It serves as a good reminder of the demands and pressure on the individual lives today due to depopulation, lack of planning, over commitment and varied priorities among the older and young generation.

According to Young Vivian, believe in yourselves, set clear guidelines and efficiency are important to keep things running.

The aim of the workshop outcomes is based on village life adaptation to climate change events ages ago and to identify positive practices for adoption as opposed to applying modern technology which are often counterproductive and costly to the environment and human lives.

A final document to be produced would help a case study scenario on adaptation to climate extreme events to be raised at a planned national workshop in March 2013 and April 2013. Overall, the village plans to build on the village history and traditional practices for a written and published book to be launched in July 2015 on the 50th anniversary of the village church restoration project.

misa kanui, hubert kalauni, tom misikea, show tanaki

The Traditional Knowledge Committee is well advanced from the other working committees on ICT, health, food security, youth development, eco-tourism and village beautification due to malfunction in who should be responsible for the disbursement of project funds. Funds have not been handed over to the new village council and Project Task Force since received from the donor in December.