A church tradition of christening a newly born baby was held for Miss Alyxzeena Mautama on Sunday 6 April at the homestead of Kerri and Pacific Mautama family. Young parents Ireenah Mautama and Ace Leki Kalauni were ecstatic by the ritual smiling for the whole time the FCW elders visited to offer blessings for the baby and family. 

The host families of Mautama of Manunu District and Kalauni from Nukutapu Central rejoiced in the precious gift who even though is very young showed optimistic cheerful responses by her already chubby cheeks and cutie features. For Nena Kerri and Papa Ene it is their first grandchild and they indeed deserve the new titles. 

The church representatives took gifts of cash, love and abundant blessing for Baby Daughter Alyxzeena.  Almost a year had gone when they visited to farewell the late Nena Paula Moniga Falemalo Mautama in the same family lounge. Only this time God brought joy to the family and by spiritual faith Nena  Ula’s successor. Hardly anyone could argue that belief portrayed in the brighten faces of the baby girl’s delightful tribe and those that assisted in presenting gifts and celebrating the old church tradition. 

For some time the scale of celebration has wane and the last was that of Baby Ivy-Malia Vilila from Anapala Point. 

The ceremony is unique as more religious than cultural. One day Alyxzeena will grow up to learn about the do and who all went to help her special and very first day of public exposure. Feasting forms the second part of the ceremony and with a blessed pristine climate it couldn’t be any better. 

God Bless the newest baby of Hakupu, the parents and families. 


It is good sigh to know life cannot be and thrive without one simple fact. That is, without a beautiful mum, we will never live in this world. We should all give thanks, first to God, for the privilege to have a special mum whose blessing from God helped to conceive, give birth, feed, cloth, nurture and love us since we entered this world.

 So naturally, think ten times more, meditate and give thanks to them for their love. Mum is the most important person in the home and we cannot deny the fact. Even Dad can’t replace his best friend’s dreams, kindness, loving, understanding, sacrifice and pain. They carried us for up to 9 months under tough conditions more so of our past. Today our mothers are slightly fortunate than those whom had left us behind. Some, only few of them are still alive yet they are equally important as loving mothers who have grown older to allow the generation shift to occur.

When we feel edged by hunger, thirsty, frustrated, and humiliated and frowned upon by hatred foes acting more like iffy elves wandering in the bushes, our mothers are always around to pamper us. They taught us to be good persons and citizens of the family, community and country. They know how to smile even in times of hardship, personal disappointment, illness and sorrow. They act as our strongest defenders starting from the discipline, sometimes harsh, of our fathers and abusers outside the home. Their tender voices, kindness, humility and physical presence always make our day bright and cheerful. In their absence, still we could feel their power and presence over us no matter how far they might be away from us.

At times, we might have honestly debated difference of opinion and feelings but that is because they want us to learn to become responsible sons and daughters when we grow up. In many years, they carried us around, taught us to move, crawl, stand, climb, play and enjoy life without fully knowing the environment around us. Then as we gradually and finally overtake them in height, we tend to feel supreme and inherit a sense of self-declared identity. Time and arrogance slowly submerge in our minds to oppose, keep apart and ignore them on the premise of a grown up youth when the opposite was acting stupidity under the shadow of peers and friends.

No matter what we think, feel and believe in, the simple fact is, our mothers brought us to this world with the pain we can never understand and repay. For many negative things in life, they endure, forgive and suffer in silence yet their motherly smiles seem to cover the real pain inside. We should always be grateful, cherish their love, tender voice, human and magic touch even when one day soon, we never know for sure, they would leave us finally for another place. The day that all of us pray and wish will ever happen.

So before it’s too late, take a pause to remind ourselves why we were born and who bear most of the burden and privilege to be who we are today and what our obligations are to our beautiful mothers.

Lest we forget, even as many mothers, the latest was the beloved Nena Falemalo Mautama, who had left us behind, motherless! May all the Mothers have a blessed Mother’s Day!

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