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Tropicana Import business will continue to bring garden-fresh life to its business, says Moose Tanaki, General Manager of Tropicana Niue. 

Since established Tropicana Niue continues to grow in popularity and name for its door to door delivery service. A vibrant idea that kicked off not too long ago its high regard sticks with wholesale customers.  Its new line of charity line offers library books to the Hakupu VC for the village library. 

It never gets any easier than being connected to a smart and generous Kiwi in New Zealand who went out all her way to organize the gift of knowledge. 

Asked why they are attached to the village, Moose Tanaki remarks their love and commitment to community life here is a touching and helping business. 

The VC has received the first lot of book gifts and more book supply to follow. The contacts in New Zealand are generous people who want to help remote communities such as Hakupu. 

Much to the surprise of the VC Tropicana is going to provide the sign board for the Hakupu Library. 

It is hoped other Hakupu families and business contacts overseas will recognize this story to tack along once they are ready to donate. Books, goods and or goodwill. 

And the beauty about the library set up is its link to the village reading class. The volunteer instructors are ecstatic about the development for the children and adults. The library when launched again resembles the milk shed revival as we built up the Tuatea School project 100 years anniversary in 2019. 

Hakupu expats will be delighted to learn these developments and think of something worthy to contribute for the old school of knowledge and wisdom. 

Moose Tanaki rightly says, culture is the key to developing our roots and new developments. 

It is true the man is genuine with the way Tropicana Niue has crawled to where it is today. Congratulations Tropicana Niue. Their contact web page is: right here at Kaiagafono District, Hakupu. 

27/12/2013 Celebrating End of Year efforts for Hakupu Reading Class

Hakupu Reading Class Celebrated its end of year break-up on the eve of Tuesday 17 December 2013. By 5.30pm students eagerly strolled to Tuatea Hall, excited and dressed up in their glamorous outfits.  While waiting for the program to start and a few tutors to arrive, special guest Miss Niue – Nina Erika Nemaia entertained the students with a few games.  The program set off at 6pm with welcoming remarks from MC, Miss Shawnyan Etuata who is also a young tutor who wishes to take up Teaching as her future career.  Shehandled the delivery of the evening’s program with confidence and assurance. 

Hikuleo the most attendance student

The students opened the evening with a traditional hymn; this is the day that the Lord has made, and the Lord’s Prayer in Niuean.   Speeches by Ms Sinahemana Hekau, founder of the Child of the South Pacific Inc, and Mrs Natasha Tohovaka and Mrs Itzy Tukuitoga representing parents and tutors.  Ms Hekau appreciated the progress of the Hakupu Reading Class and the high number of students interested in the program.  Mrs Tohovaka thanked parents and team who made it possible for a successful year.  Mrs Tukuitoga with a big smile congratulated the achievers of NPS and NHS Year 7 students, also encouraging those who are heading to NHS next year to continue attending reading class next year. 

Maili Mautama, the most giving student

A total of 73 students have at least attended once or more classes this year, who are locals and visiting students from overseas.  However, out of this total only 34 students are regular attendees. About 33 helpers have at least assisted with tutoring students with 5 regular tutors throughout the year– Dr Le’roy Tatui, Dr Patricia Tatui, Rossy Mitiepo, Itzy Tukuitoga and Natasha Tohovaka. 

Although, Le’roy & Patricia were not present at the celebration they were acknowledged in high regard by the speakers.  Including Mrs Rossy Mitiepo who is the driving force behind the Hakupu Reading Class especially working together with Le’roy to ensure the program is consistent throughout the year, and gathering resources and funding through willing sponsors from overseas friends and families.

Angele Mokole, celebrating 7th Birthday

A three-part fun program for the evening began with the presentation of gifts for the students to mark the end of year’s hard work, a 7th Birthday Celebration for Miss Angele Mokole and Musical Games with Miss Niue.  Students were truly spoilt with lots to eat, snacks and lollies and gift packages. 

Miss Mokole was surprised to find out that the Reading Class had gifted her a cake apart from her  parents Rev. Iga and Ala Mokole who also brought in a birthday cake for her and sponsored ice cream for the kids. Her birthday was timely right on the day of the break up and it was a double celebration for her.

Natasha Tohovaka representing the parents

The event would not have happened without the generous donations from our overseas and local sponsors.  It was our final event for the year but a good one to remember that year 2013 was definitely a great one.   

Acknowledgements from the group are extended to the following sponsors for the break up towards gifts;

·     Sunlou & Teresa Liuvaie Family – NZ,  Nogi Head Family – NZ, Tristen Whitehead/ Tropicanas – NZ, Iva Nicholas Family – Australia, Priscilla Tatui & Sid Aue – NZ, Lisa Loneko Family – NZ, Child of the South Pacific/ Sinahemana Hekau – Niue, Jocelyn & Max Tauevihi Family – Niue, Miss Niue – Nina Erika Nemaia, Birtha Lisimoni Tongahai – Niue, Adorra Misikea – Niue, Ala Mokole – Niue, Hingano Laufoli – Niue, Natasha Tohovaka – Niue, Itzy Tukuitoga – Niue, Rossy Mitiepo – Niue, Toreef Harding – Niue and Meleua Etuata.

Happy parent, Judy Togiakona from Liku with her kids

Further Acknowledgements towards sponsors who donated educational materials, stationeries, photocopying and services for the reading class throughout the year;

·     Fiona Douglas Family – NZ, Priscilla Tatui & Sid Aue – NZ, Lisa Loneko Family – NZ, Felleni Tiohane & Tulei Togiamana Family – NZ, Iva Nicholas Family – Australia, Birtha Tongahai – Niue, Teresa & Sunlou Liuvaie Family – NZ, Moka & Niulai Liuvaie Family – NZ, Joanne Paea – NZ, Child of the South Pacific Inc. – Niue, Pepe Halatau Family – Australia, Hakupu Village Council – Niue, Niue Meteorological Service, Mrs Ala Mokole, Dr. Le’roy Tatui, Rossy Mitiepo, Natasha Tohovaka, Itzy Tukuitoga, Moka Liuvaie Family – NZ, Stephanie Erick Family – NZ, and Mary Aue-Sami -NZ. 

23/09/2013 GREAT MEASURE OF SCHOLARLY SUCCESS!! – (pics by susanah sionetuato)

L to R cherie morris tafatu (supporter), mrs janet tasmania (proud mum) & mr philip tasmania (proud dad)

Tomorrow cannot be known and seen but gaining academic qualification is a solid human resource investment for the future.

clinton chapman (ausaid water coordinator), andre siohane (water manager), robin toatolu and deve talagi (director of works)

To be on stage and mixed with other colleagues to celebrate the various achievements shows how they must work altogether to keep a country running. Proud parents, fiancées, work colleagues and families all joined in celebration at Juana’s Restaurant on Wednesday 18 September. Usually the event was held at the Fale Fono foyer in town.

The biggest announcement came sooner than later much to the round of applause from the crowd. Something they wished was shared by the whole village and cluster of work friends. It was a national event that brings together only those with invitations. They all went to listen to the story of Scan Mitiepo, Asemaga Robin Toatolu, Hender Talagi, Dr Monica Tasmania and Dr Langley Tasmania.

 Scan Mitiepo (HICT Founder) obtained his latest qualification through online internet. He spoke to the crowd about the privilege to do correspondence at home during spare time.

‘ICT has given remote countries and students better opportunity to get a qualification today while you are at home’ Scan remarked.

He also acknowledged the availability of Internet in our village, thanks to entrepreneur Mr Emani Fakaotimanava Lui for the technical support to the village via the WIFI system.

Scan is among three other graduants who undertook their studies on island via internet. Hender Talagi went also presented a speech on behalf of theNew Zealandtrained students. While Robin Toatolu made a speech to thank the Australian Government, Niue Government and PWD for their support.

During the ceremony it was timely to know what value of reward they would receive for the hard work and commitment. If not, it would be disappointed if there was no financial and professional recognition for the attainments. It is the only solution to make the investment a reality.

hender talagi – bachelor information systems @ manukau institute of technology

The crowd were just as excited as the award holders who spent time away from home and their families. All the sacrifice has paid off in the end.

In the story of Robin Toatolu he took up an Australian funded plumbing award in Apia, Samoa for three years on block stages of theory and practical. The institution Australian Pacific Technical College were equally delighted to see their students succeed. For his qualification Robin can be accredited to work in Australia. That must count as bonus for passing the difficult exams along the way. And to reach climax comes with determination, honesty and discipline.

To make it to the top, Robin was supported by a professional team of mentors in the Director of Public Works Department Deve Talagi, Water Manager Andre Fiki Siohane and Australian Technical Advisor Clinton Chapman. The wide grin on their faces said it all during the big night.

‘I am excited to be rewarded with formal qualification that is recognized byAustraliaand across the Pacific’ says Asemaga Robin Toatolu.

‘It came with hard work and honesty. Sometimes the bearing of the course was tough and almost get to the edge of dropping off. Now it’s all over.’

fiafia lahi e patu fuata ko mr toatolu fakafetui moe leoleo mr romeo jackson

Robin’s work boss, Andre Siohane was all up for his colleague. ‘The hard work paid off. I take off my hat and salute Robin for his effort. I know it’s not easy to be re-educated at this age and level of education but he made it through with top colours. That’s a fabulous achievement’ Andre remarked.

scan mitiepo – internet governance online @ university of malta

The village is just as proud with the achievers good work. Susana Sionetuato, fiancée of Robin Toatolu beamed during the occasion to see her buddy rewarded with a formal qualification. She was the stronger pillar behind Robin’s success.

Extremely elated time by all the award successors. Congratulations on your graduation!!


Imagine the loss time and benefits if our children were allowed to overly roam around the neigh

parents and guests

bourhood, fiddle with internet tricks, video games and distractions or take a free nab after a long day at school. Heaps of distractions and lack of quality education time to liven the brain and learn something new each week. Better still if they did help out with family chores and family meal.

The weekly reading class project changed all that in a matter of weeks and months. Anchored on voluntary and philanthropy goals the tutors’ team deserves a big pad on their backs for the success thus far. Our children are fortunate for the kindness and visionary commitment of community volunteers. VC Chair Itzy Vivian has rallied support to the project since it began and would be delighted to see positive progress.

 The project began with a purpose which surprisingly attracted moral and technical support from our New Zealand and Australian families. This time internet does the trick faster than one can imagine how news spread to those whom rally support and offer of resources for a good course for our children.

too much thinking

Once regarded an imported concept but the network grows with time and passion. In a recent article most of the kids involve in the reading class received awards during the school end of year prize giving in 2012. That in itself was proof of a living project and investment in the ability of those who carry the project, the parents, the children and the volunteers or the good Samaritans who came to the forefront.

Since re-opened in February 4th 2013 61 students attended at least one or more classes, according to Rossy Mitiepo. This includes visiting students from New Zealand and the highest number of attendance in one session was 35, a brilliant achievement.

Students of Hakupu descendants from Liku, Lakepa, Alofi, Makefu and Vaiea also attended but recently Vaiea village has opened its own reading class.

Regular teachers are: Itzy Tukuitoga, Rossy Mitiepo, Natasha Toeono-Tohovaka, Dr Patricia Matakibau-Tatui and Dr Le’Roy Tatui excluding volunteer helpers throughout the reading term. The initiave by the Child of the South Pacific Incorporation continues to grow and former Miss Niue Sina Hekau must be congratulated.

Through rough patches and challenges they didn’t snap, if they had, this story would not be possible. But here we are reporting on a positive project and marked achievement. Along the way, the stakeholders almost bend but they withstood the trials with courage and tenacity.

On Monday evening 8 July the project team, kids and parents crowded the community hall to honour their mid-year break and listen to the update report from the experts. The cold winds did not stop them coming, clapping and cheering. But the limelight was the ‘SPELLING BEE AND POPCORN MOVIE EVENING’ sponsored by Fiona Douglas, Priscilla Tatui, Feleni Siohane and Iva Nichols from Sydney, Australia.

Kids were privileged to attract 2013 Miss Niue Pageant holder Nina Erika Nemaia for the children games. Her presence definitely brighten the crowd and what a generous way to promote her title among a volunteer community group.

Spelling bee prizes were co-sponsored by Lisa Loneko and Marylou Sami of Auckland, New Zealand.

 If anything the critics were incorrectly advised. The project, one of the few community initiatives passed the test with flying colours by their sacrifice from overworking and trying to divide wisely personal, family and voluntary time for our children.

Coordinator Rossy Mitiepo says,’ It was a pleasant conclusion altogether and something the kids will grow up to talk about the reading class initiative that helps in their education and learning English as the main language on Earth’.

Mrs Mitiepo has been energetic in organizing the project which survives on love and a few coins contributed by the students.

 Amazingly developed countries as far as Germany are running the same mission encouraging their people and young generation to learn English if they want to have a better future and quality of life.

‘Don’t be mistaken with the fogey priority to keep our Taoga and language living. Today, the learning game hinges on being bilingual or more to face the many challenges in life without losing the crux of two worlds. The reality of learning is in doing and thinking aloud not dreaming and sitting idle’, Dr Le’Roy Tatui remarked.

‘The kids really enjoyed the heaps of entertainment and credit  goes to the sponsors for the wonderful night’ Natasha-Toeono-Tohovaka adds.

relaxing and enjoying the comfort of being rewarded

As the children yelled the fun out for a deserving break the tutors too welcome their turn of leave. So until the next reading class session, at the same place two week later they all plead farewell, smiled and dragged their feet to the waiting vehicles.

Taking care of young kids can be difficult but fun, as well.  No one succeeds until the time is ripe to see the fruits of dedication, team work and commitment.

Best of all, it’s a volunteer activity played with compassion more so investing in the future well being of our children. To those who volunteered resources, support and love, they should count themselves angels for the kind thoughts.

‘We want to do better’, the children said.


According to the late press release of the reading class by Coordinator Dr Leroy Tatui & Rossy Mitiepo there are encouraging signs of progress and commitment by both children and parents.

She says the dedication and performance output to date has been positive.

‘It’s fitting that we produce these reports for our stakeholders to know and appreciate their efforts.’

‘Look at the numbers and data to see and understand where we are and where we are going’ Rossy explained.’

‘The whole idea is to promote transparency, good governance and honesty’ she added.

After months of persuasive teaching and counselling our children and the reading tutors who work on voluntary basis have done a marvellous job. They have a definite plan to help our kids improve their reading skills, interaction and concentration. Time when there are many distractions to our children’s education goals. There is more space for those parents who want to see their kids join at a small fee. For our children to receive volunteer support is something rarely practiced in the commercial world of competition today?

The best event to evaluate our children ability to perform in front of a big crowd and be able to say their ‘lauga’ by heart during the White Sunday deserves praise. Over time they can only get better with the support of the village and parents. The support from our New Zealand relatives must be hailed for their generosity and no doubt confirms the good course of moving forward as a remote community not forgotten. The Tutors no doubt are thrilled their time had not perished in vain. As a family of tutors they need all our support, an investment that one day will bear priceless fruits for us.

VC Chairperson Itzy Tukuitonga and tutor herself applauds the stakeholders for the community effort.

Voluntary donations are welcome still so as those children who have yet to join the special classes.

A good win tutors, children and parents!


School children are back to school as of today, Monday 4th of February.

It is going to be new life for some of them who graduate to the big school like moving from Niue Primary School to Niue High School. Likewise, for the ECE toddlers who enter the primary school at Halamahaga for the very first time. The statutory progress will mean a shake up for mothers and care givers after nurturing the close relationship with their loved ones.

Home will no longer be noisy and lively; it will definitely be calm, perhaps lonely and sadden. The kids screaming and running around the home will surely be missed. Those useful pair of hands would be missed, times when asking a child to get something on the table or put something in the fridge. Time where the mother baths her young kids then put them off to sleep while attending to her home chores. To see them tucked in bed or on the family sofa, breathing innocently tired from roaming and shouting at the warm air. Enjoying time at home with kids is a valuable experience that cannot be retrieved forever. Memories will thrive on as they grow and become more mobile.Their absence for up to 6 hours a day can make a big difference to family life.

Catching the bus to go to school early in the morning is a life kids dreamt for. But dressed in full uniform equipped with a school bag, food and drink is a sign of growth and can’t be denied no matter what a mother thinks. They would find the routine hard at the start but gradually adapt along the way.

Stay away from trouble and misbehave would be the common reminders from parents to their children. Parents have a key role to play throughout the course of our children education.

For some, the commencement of a new school year means new life for Year 13 pupils who left school in 2012. They would miss the bus ride, chats and fun on the way to school. It would be regrettable having to leave secondary school after 6 years at high school. A new life starts with a new job or pursuing extension studies at USP. For the girls it means having to wear a hat when going to church. The look of the moment suddenly changes not wearing the same school uniform daily except the weekends and public holidays. While at peace from being treated as pupils, adapting to a new life pattern and pressures will not come easier.

This is a time to make history in the village and family books. As one day in future, a child would like to recall and know her/his experience of the first day in school or the last school year. The parents will try to explain the very moment of laughter and expectation from the kids to a new life. For some, getting detached from their mum can mean a tough call and wish education can continue in the home environment with mum around to guide them through. They will grow up to understand the whole education system and see the values of trying to do well in school.

In reality, we can all reminisce our past with vivid memories. The first day in Tuatea school, boys’ flung around with whack pony tails and exile lice hairs, no underpants, the three star lunch rule of dry coconut pieces, partly stale taro, unwrapped piece of breadfruit and ripe bananas that usually remains uneaten in the school basket other than the reason of gaining points for the class team with most stars.

 Most of those who taught and counsel us from childhood to adulthood had passed away but lest we forget their sacrifice and blessing on our lives.

As expected the reading class committee held its first meeting in the evening to map out their programme for the year. They have set the right pace and direction. The kids parents must play their role to give needed support so they can become good readers at home, in school and for the rest of their lives.

Have a successful school year to all of our children in Niue and overseas wherever you take an opportunity to read this education clip.

21/12/2012 Niue High School Scholar Awards

Maraveena Siohane once again accomplished the Year 8 Scholar Award to top off a thriving study program in 2012. Proud parents Rosemary and Andre Siohane thanked their eldest daughter for the finest performance.

She has worked extra hard during the year to warrant the highest prize under tremendous competitive situation. Success comes with discipline, obedience and going the extra miles to reach her goal.

Maraveena can still do her best next year if she devotes more effort to her school and home work.  For the moment, it’s time to enjoy the festive season and get a bit of special treatment from the family and friends.

Well done Mara!

Aytron Ratuisuva Veseaga Tatui also received the Year 11 Scholar with top performance in ICT, Mathematics, Niuean and Geography. Like Maraveena, Aytron has been through a difficult year of physical and social changes to achieve the top prize.

His parents were away overseas during the prize giving ceremony and a good excuse for Aytron to ask for gifts especially at this time of the year. His success has come with hard work and commitment as he plans to maintain high standards in 2013.

Good man, Aytron!


Morsheena Jackson-Ioane scooped Niue Primary School 2012 Dux Award

Success gives out relief for Morsheena Jackson-Ioane when she was awarded the 2012 Primary School Dux at the Millennium Hall in Alofi.  Morsheena is the eldest daughter of Nise Marie and Reagan Ioane of Fufou, Hakupu, winning the top prize of the school was a hard dream to achieve.

It sums up a whole year of hard work and sacrifice by the young pretty child and family who recently returned from Auckland to live in their mainland. Unfortunately, Papa Mike and Nena Losi Jackson were absent on the day as they are currently taking leave overseas though their minds were with their loving granddaughter Morsheena during the day. Papa Mike earns a good glass of red wine to cheer up the granddaughter that they raise since her toddler days.

Both the Jackson and Ioane families deserve best wishes and thanks for the successful achievement. Congratulations Morsheena and keep it up.

Amazing Rural Reading Class Initiative on the Go!

For the first time, reading class lessons for Primary school level pupils have been introduced in the village organized by a dedicated group of volunteer tutors enlisted through law entrepreneur Sinahemana Hekau of Hekau Attorney Law Office in Alofi which is linked to the South Pacific Incorporated Society. The law firm also provides stationery, books and technical support for the new initiative. Volunteer tutors consisted of Drs Le’Roy and Patricia Tatui, Rossy Mitiepo, expatriate teacher Kylie Rawiri, Itzy Lauaki Tukuitoga (VC Chair and Principal of Niue Primary/ECE School) supported by the village Pastor Igatiatama Mokole.

Reading is becoming available with simple and fun approach since it was first opened at the Tuatea Community Hall on the 29th October 2012. The reading class is run one evening weekly and so far attracted 31 pupils, 19 boys and 12 girls all eager to learn and improve their reading skills. The Hakupu branch has pull together pupils mostly from Hakupu and few from Avatele and Liku with open invitation for interested pupils to join.

 The initiative comes at the right time to help address reading gaps in the schools and also to boost the children self-confidence which is vital to a child’s learning ability. Pupils who start to learn English language at the primary school level will gain from the program. Not only they would benefit from learning to read, they should be able to draw, spell and pronounce words and recognize how the letters are actually written. Still at the early stage pupils have been motivated by the special class with few high school students who have expressed interest to participate.

Senior pupils are allowed to loan books each week and over time we can slowly progress with the idea, Rossy Mitiepo commented.

The final class for 2012 was held on Monday 17 December that ended with a WORD BINGO event and each pupil contributed an item for the prizes. Support from the parents was awesome as kids cheered on winning prizes and some kids got more than one prize while learning to read and pronounce the words.

We would like those pupils who are moving up to High School level next year to maintain their interest in reading as we plan to trial homework session and see how things would progress in the future pending consideration of all key factors, leader Dr Le’Roy Tatui remarked.

Reverend Mokole was happy with the event and wishes to link the reading session with the Ekalesia Hakupu Sunday School in future.

VC Chair Itzy Tukuitoga extended grateful thanks to the tutors, parents and pupils for their commitment to a good course. The parents’ representative Natasha Toeono-Tohovaka endorsed the program and offer best wishes to the 2012 reading class

We extend hearty thanks to Mrs Birtha Togahai and Alex Hetyey who proudly sponsored ice blocks for the pupils’ break up party, Rossy Mitiepo said with a smile.

We like to wish our pupils and their families and the Board of Volunteer Tutors a happy Christmas and New Year, she concluded.

Troy Tatui, Talitotonu Tohovaka, Samantha Siohane, Mokoina Aue, Luke Mautama, Aelani Fakamautama, Emmanuel Mokole, Toeono Tohovaka, Chanette Seumanu, Mary-o-Angelene Mokole, Khyaz Rawiri, Ronnie Talagi, Sikipa Togia, Tagavaitoa Tukuitoga, Jabez Mokole, Toa Jnr Poumale, Helena Togia, Hikuleo Ikiua, Mahalo Aue, Marc Tohovaka, Regan Jackson, Tongakilo-Rhys Tohovaka, Veejay Vilisoni, Ebony Feleti, Hope Mokole, Tristan Siohane, Jedaiah Tukuitoga, Oga Seumanu, Leilani Lui-Ikiua, Topui Talagi, Rajina Siohane, Valerie Mautama, Alexandrea Etuata, Anzac Mokole, Morsheena Jackson, Blessing Mokole

36 Total | 22 Male | 14 Female

Proud Moments of Achieving and Success

Niue High School Graduation 2012 – (Pics source : Susannah Sionetuato)


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  1. hakupu reading class…an excellent achievements to all you kids and great supports from your parents. not forgetting all the “UB40” work for love parental teachers… kaha..tu tagaloa…..

  2. articles 21/12/2012…..belated congratulations to Hakupu’s Graduates, Master Suva Tatui, Miss Mara Siohane from Niue High School, and Miss Morsheena Jackson from Niue Primary School. ……………….”haku lima e mou hui e”………………

  3. Best wishes for 2013 to the reading class, students and tutors alike. Fakatumau, fakauka, fakaako, fakamakamaka ko e ukumonuina ma e magafaoa, maaga mo e motu. Fiafia ha ia he totou e tau tala mitaki ia ke he malolo he tau fanau he maaga pihia mo e tau faiaoga kua kau auloa ke lagaki e takatakai pulotu a Fineone-Hakupu. Keep up the awesome work and strive for excellence at every opportunity.

    • I am an exstudent of Niue High School in1988-1990, thats when suentdts from Tokelau still were send to Niue for there secondary education.I was there when Hon. Frank Lui was an MP from Alofi North.I am very happy to find out that he is still serving the island in a very outstanding performance as he used to be. Well done ma olu!Monuina e haau a gahua. I am very proud of you. God Bless You Always . Koe kia!!

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