The village pastor and senior members of the church launched a cleansing devotion at Tuhia sea on Wednesday last week following a report of default practice where ashes of a beloved descendant was peppered at the foot of Tuhia reef. Unknown to the village council and church the family had travelled from New Zealand for the do. 

It was not known until the family returned to New Zealand that the community learnt of the incident. Thereby, prompting a soft investigation into the matter. Despite the agitation and uncertainty the village council displayed common sense and due diplomacy to settle the matter with the church. 

Reports twirls that the family is one of our very own and without intention mistakenly proceeded to perform the ritual not knowing the sanctity of their action. But now that the cleansing ceremony has been done by the village church, it is hoped something concrete will be done to avoid the occurrence of future incidents. 

It is known the village would like to contact the family concerned to inform them about the special devotion made for their beloved ancestor. There is no intention whatsoever to cause retribution. 


Hakupu Ekalesia Kerisiano Deacon and Lay Preacher Scan Mitiepo is persevering extra time in religious studies via online internet with the “Ecumenical Institute Distance Theological School & Knox Theological College in Christchurch and Dunedin. Not surprisingly his passion and commitment towards divinity training adds value to his already coloured tributes and positions in the church of Deacon and Lay Preacher.

He presents a remarkable sermon conducted in English on Sunday 16 March at the Hakupu Ekalesia afternoon church service. It was a special oration organized with the bible college in New Zealand under supervision by Pastor Igatiatama Mokole and critiqued by the church senior elder Ulumotua Young Vivian, Secretary Hiva Levi, Rev Vili Viviani, Pastor’s wife Ala Mokole, Carpenter Contruction Ritchie Mautama and Fisherman Andre Siohane

Young Vivian said Scan Mitiepo poised sound in his presentation and should be on track towards his goal.

His comments was supported by Hiva Levi who felt Scan Mitiepo met the test criteria with a clear sermon and theme based on God being the supreme power and creator of all things possible on earth and in heaven.

Scan’s sermon was blended with Maori Te Reo introductory and conclusive phrases in recognition of the course moderators in New Zealand. His tone of delivery was precise, watchful yet lively. The mass seems too silent listening vigilantly and realising how a man’s life can morally be the compass of change and true path to success.

His big brother Sam Bahama Mitiepo and children together with the father in law were there for the big moment and effectively vouch past memories of their late father High College Kalulu Mitiepo. They arrived from Auckland last Friday and feels blessed to honour the moment in church making a voluntary donation of more than $200.

But their Mum Tohi Mitiepo graced the occasion by her great support any decent and loving mother would be proud of. During the sermon Rossy Mitiepo, Scan’s wife captures the oration directly in front of the church which also lifts the spirit of delivery.

The specially arranged sermon was unique right from the start to the end. For the Theology trainee this is only the beginning and life will progress and delivery must bloom with time and practice.

08/01/2014 Fakafeleveia he tau mamatua fifine FCW e tau 2014

Ne liu fakahoko e Fono Lagataha he Tau he tau mamatua fifine FCW he Aho Gofua 6 Ianuali 2004, koe aho fakamua foki he Tapu Hololoa.  Loga e tau matakupu ne fakatutala ki ai ke lata moe fakaholoaga he tau foou, pihia ke liu hakahaka e tau matakupu fono.  Taute he matua fifine Akoako e takitakiaga ke he fono mo e fakaholo he matua fifine Tohi Kupu ko Taumalua Jackson e utaaga he fono.

Ko e tau matakupu fono kua mahuiga lahi kehe tau fakatutalaaga mua atu ke he tau fakaholoaga he tau mamatua fifine ki loto he maaga mo e Ekalesia.  Kua eke ni e tau matakupu fono nai mo hataki aki mo e leveki mo e puipui kehe tau puhala he FCW ki loto he Ekalesia mo e fakalilifuaga ke he tau puhala ne feaki mai he tau tupuna he vaha fakamua tuga e tau tauteuteaga tino ki loto he faituga.  Mailoga e vaha kua hoko ki ai kae mahuiga agia ni e fakalilifu ke he tau puhala ke ati hake moe fakaholo ki mua e finagalo he Atua.

Tupuna Matalose Talagi

Foaki magaaho koe taha e minute ke lata moe fakalilifuaga he tau mamatua ne kua momole atu he tau 2013, koe taha matua fifine FCW Malo Mautama mo e leveki Tiakono he FCW ko Isaia Talagi.  Pete ni kua momole atu a laua ka e nakai nimo e tau fakamafanaaga ke he matakau.  Ko ia e lagomatai Tiakono ko Gemmo Mautama he tau 2013.  Ko ia e Tiakono leveki foou ke he FCW he tau 2014 ko Robert Jackson.

Fai tauteaga foki ke lata mo e tau mamatua fifine ke fakamailoga fakatautonu ha lautolu a tau makaka moe makaukau he fa omai tumau ke he tau tapuakiaga FCW pihia mo lautolu ne tuku fakamakai ke he tau mena fakaalofa.   Fakatautonu foki e matua Tupuna ko Matalose Talagi ha koe haana fakalataha mai ke he tau tapuakiaga FCW mo e ko ia foki ni e matua Tupuna ne toe ki loto he matakau.

Ke fakafiafia aki e tau mamatua fifine moe fakamavehe e tau tuai, fakafeleveia e tau foou ne oatu a lautolu he fale kai Crazy Uga mo e fakamaagi atu ki ai.   Kua amanaki foki a lautolu ke kamata e tau foou mo e kai fakafeleveia ke he tau fanau aoga ne liliu mai he tau motu kehe pihia mo e tau magafaoa mo e kapitiga ne fenoga evaeva fakaku mai ke he motu.    





 05/01/2014    HAKUPU THANKSGIVING FEAST 2014 

Unlike previous years the Hakupu traditional Thanksgiving Day 2014 saw extra people who assembled at the village green to present crops, food and speeches to the residential Pastor and family.

Families from New Zealand and Australia blend the gathering with their presence. The young generation gain as much from the live experience. They crease along the long line of bundled taros with corned beef or coconut crabs tied to it. And they took many shots of the food exhibition.

Dressed in white attire and blue robe Pastor Igatiatama Mokole sat on the veranda with his wife Ala , Rev Fania Talagi and Village Elder Young Vivian. The senior deacons flanked on the veranda while the crowd watched and listened to the speeches from the nearby green.

By 3 pm the drumming of the wooden cask under the bell tower by the new Ekalesia Secretary Aho Levi signal the start of the ecclesiastical and village custom. Families’ split into three groups gathers to tally their feast at the designated areas before they congregate for the main exhibition in front of the Pastor’s house. Group 1 gathers in front of Olehopo’s vacant house, Group 2 in front of Folau’s house and Group 3 in front of Matagineto Brown homestead.

Kenrick Viviani proudly voiced his happiness

The programme began at 4 pm with introductory remarks from the Pastor who welcomed the guests with blessings and devotion. Going back 60 years Thanksgiving resembles a Jews old custom of giving thanks to God for the abundance of blessings during the previous year. The old ritual remains effectual as the biblical practice. Being the central figure of God in the village the ritual revolves around the belief that if the year is blessed with abundance of crops and food then the Pastor is praised. When the year turns out dry and the land produce aren’t in abundance then the Pastor has a part to be blamed for any unforeseen calamity which directly or indirectly affect the village.

Speeches were presented by Deacon Michael Jackson, Taumalua Jackson, Kenrick Viviani, Rev Vili Kamupala, Village Elder Young Vivian, Ala Mokole and Pastor Mokole.

Generally they share similar sentiments about the event being bountiful with taro crops, bananas and other food variety. Additionally they vary theoretically on the perception of some customary rituals and how the rule of authority has been exercised. In the absence of a written manual to document and inform people about the church rituals and practices there is no correct approach to for the present generation to adhere to. Such as prohibition of men to wear shorts to the Thanksgiving ceremony particularly if a person wishes to make a statement.

One thing is clear though. The Pastor is the spiritual leader of the church. The Village Council is the political, cultural, social and economic governing body of the village. The Assemblyman is the village spokesman in the Niue Parliament. The people hold the ultimate power for the regime and must be respected despite their usual silence and respectful acceptance of the village institutions and the appointed leadership. In essence, each body should keep within the permissible democratic authority.

During the ceremony Deacon Ron Viviani from Auckland on behalf of the NZ Hakupu Chair Derrick Jackson and Mrs Faavaeina Makani offered to sponsor the largest taro bundles for the main taro variety, coconut crabs and bananas. Sefo Lui won the Talo Manua and Talo Maga variey, Kenrick Viviani won the Talo Fase, and Vili Viviani won the Talo Tao Takihi variey.Robin Toatolu won the biggest taro bundle with different variety. Scan Mitiepo won the biggest uga, 2nd Robin Toatolu and 3rd equal Olu Siohane and grandson Tristan Siohane. Kokela Siligi won the biggest bananas. Motufoou Kaiese sponsored the water melons won by Kerick Viviani. Village Elder  Young Vivian sponsored the only creative presentation of taros dangled on a wooden rack by Colin Etuata.

Rev Viviani fakamatala e kupu he Fakaaue tau

Towards the end of the event the rain fell, a sign of blessing according to the spiritual leaders. The crowd dismissed with memories cherished until the next Thanksgiving feast in 2015. In 2015, 7 February the Hakupu Church will commemorate 50 years of existence in the present church.

Bon Voyage and Happy 2014.

27/12/2013 Fenoga he tau mamatua fifine FCW kehe muke foou

Akoako moe Muke foou

Koe Aho Tapu 22 Tesemo ne oatu ai e tau mamatua fifine FCW fakalataha ai mo e matua fekafekau Rev. Iga Mokole kehe ahiahi atu kehe magafaoa ka e mua atu kehe matua fifine fuata ko Tavana Vilila mo e haana a muke foou, Ivy Malia Vilila.  Ne fanau a ia he Aho Falaile 13 Tesemo 2013 mo e kitia ai e mahuiga he haana fanau mai kehe lalolagi kua “tu tokoluga e aho” he talahau he matua tupuna ha Tavana ko Manatau Viviani.  “Koe aho ne hoko mai e Queens Baton ki Niue.  Kua tata atu foki e aho fanau kehe aho Kilisimasi ne fanau mai e Mesia ko Iesu Keriso”.

Toko 6 e matua fifine FCW ne hukui e laulahi kua nakai maeke ke hohoko atu ha kua auhia falu ke he tau lavelave faka magafaoa kehe aho, pihia mo e matua fifine Akoako kua finatu ke he tukutapu he haana matakainaga ke he taha maaga. Takitaki he matua Akoako Mokole e fakaholoaga mo e matua ko Ofeila Talagi, kua fenoga atu e matua ko Malua Jackson ke he tau motu kehe.  Ko laua mo e matua fifine ko Luma Alapaki ne fakakite manatu mo e fakamafana atu kehe matua fifine fuata, mo e haana kapitiga ko Mahino kae mua atu e fai kupu fakamonuina ke he muke foou.


“Nakai ko e tau mena foou”, he talahau he matua fifine ko Ofe. “Kua mahani mai tigahau ha koe tau gahua he tau mamatua fakamua. Kae fakaaue kua fakamamā he hoko mai ke he vaha nei ha kua lahi e tupetupe he falu a magafaoa”.  Fakakite mo e talia he matua ko Manatau, “Kua leva mau amaamanaki a mautolu e magafaoa kehe aho nei ke fakafeleveia mo e tau mamatua fifine lagakina ha koe muke foou.  Ko e kakano ha nei he aga fakamotu ha tautolu kua mahani ki ai.  Fiafia lahi e magafaoa mo e ai logona kua mamafa ha koe agaaga fiafia mo e aga motu.  Koe heigoa ni e mena he kaina kua moua moe tatanaki ki ai ke kai auloa mo e fakafeheleaki”.

Ko e tau kupu fakamafana he tau mamatua fifine ko Luma mo Ofe ke hukui aki a lautolu ne fakalataha atu he fenoga, ke he matua fifine ke leveki e tino ke malolo mo e fakatumau ke leveki atu kehe muke foou. Kitia ai e lakaaga foou kehe ha laua a tau momoui koe tau mamatua ke he muke fifine fulufuluola, kua nava mo e fakaheke kehe Atua ha ko e haana a levekiaga ki luga he tau momoui.  Fakakatoatoa he matua fekafekau ke he tau kupu fakamafana mo e omoi e moui fuata ke fakatumau ke he tua moe fakafetuiaga mo e Atua.

Mrs Itzy Tukuitoga coordinating the food prep

Lahi e kai he magafaoa ne fakatoka ai ke lata mo e fakafeleveiaga he muke foou mo e fenoga.  Koe puaka ne fakamatapatu e laulau kua taumafa auloa ki ai moe tau kai lolo kehekehe.  Kai fiafia ai kehe magaaho fakahiku e fenoga, tala noa ato mavehevehe. Kua fiafia e magafaoa laulahi ha Tavana mua atu kehe tau matua fanau ko Lynette mo Ian Kavisi pihia foki moe tau matua tupuna ko Manatau mo Heke Viviani, fakalataha mo e tau magafaoa I Niue mo lautolu ne omai I NZ.


Kua hohoko atu e tau mamatua fifine FCW he maaga Hakupu-atua he aho 11 Aokuso ke feoaki ke he maaga ko Makefu Falekaho-atua ha kua fakatoka tuai ke oatu mua e maaga Hakupu to tauui he mahina Sepetema.

Ko e Matua Fifine Akoako Mrs.Alaimalo Mokole moe 19 e tutaki he matakau, taha e Matua Siakono ko Gemmo Mautama mo e 6 e tama ne fakalataha atu…hohoko atu a lautolu to ta e matahola 10am ke kamata e tapuakiaga.Ato kamata e tapuakiaga kua oatu e matua fifine akoako moe tau hukui kotofa kehe pokotose ke taute ai taha liogi moe akoako he maaga.

Kua taute mua e tapuakiaga auloa takitaki ni he Lilifu Akoako Holo Tafea koe akoako he maaga. Kua foaki mai ke he fenoga ke liogi e liogi loa ti kua hukui ai e Mrs Margaret Folau, kae tolu e lologo ne kua fiafia lahi e matakau fifine ha Hakupu ke fakakite ha lautolu a tau leo fulufuluola.

Hili e tapuakiaga lahi ti matutaki atu ai e tapuakiaga he tau mamatua fifine FCW ka kua nonofo hifo foki ni e falu a matua taane ke he tapuakiaga ia.Kua takitaki ai he Matua Fifine Akoako he maaga Hakupu-atua e tapuakiaga he tau mamatua fifine.

Ko e uta ni e tapuakiaga ke he fakaholoaga ne foaki mai he Matua Fifine Akoako Mrs. Fama Tafea he maaga Makefu.Taha ne totou e tau tohi he tau fai lauga, ko e hukui ko Mrs Rossy Misiepo, taha ne liogi e liogi loa, ko Mrs. Sapina Fakanaiki ti taha e hukui ne lauga he tau mamatua fifine ko Mrs Taulino Levi ki ua aki ni e takitaki tapu.

Kua mafola lahi e tau fakamafanaaga he aho ti amanaki kua tuku mau ke he tau loto he tau mamatua fifine e tau kupu ia moe hulu ke he ha lautolu a tau puhala he oatu he moui nei. Ko e tau fakahekeaga kua to taha e mafola moe fulufuluola e tau leo he tau mamatua fifine ha Hakupu ti pihia mo e tau mamatua fifine he maaga Makefu.

Haha I ai e magaaho ne kua fakaata ke liti ai e tau mena fakaalofa ti kua taute pihia. Ko e huhu mafola ke he tau magafaoa takitaha kehe tau maaga ne ua moe tau motu kehe kua taute foki..kua fakaaue ni ke he Matua he Lagi kua mafola e tau magafaoa takitaha. Kua tauhea foki e tau higoa moe iloa ai kua katoa he maaga Makefu koe 13 kae 19 e fifine ha Hakupu 20 aki e Matua Siakono leveki ke he FCW, nakai oatu oti e tau mamatua fifine ha Hakupu-atua ka e pete ia kua tokologa a lautolu ne oatu.

Hili e tapuakiaga he FCW ti okioki fakaku ai ka e fakatali ke he vala ke ua aki…ko e kai laa. Ua e laulau ne taute ai he tau mamatua fifine ha Makefu ti kua nonofo hifo ai moe taumafa kehe tau kai lolo ne loga e tau mamatua fifine Hakupu. Oti e kai he “FIRST COURSE” ti kai e “SECOND COURSE” koe tau icecream moe tau keke humelie moe falu kai foki ti kua lau ai e tau kai ne toe. Kua moua foki e tau galue mata mai he FCW moe taha magafaoa, moe tau oho taki taha mae tau fifine Hakupu.Tau fono fakaaue moe fakatulou atu he tau hukui he maaga Hakupu ti fakaoti aki he tau hukui fono mai he maaga Makefu…kua amanaki atu ke he tauui he mahina Sepetema ke oage e tau mamatua fifine Makefu ki Hakupu. Kua liliu mai e tau fifine Hakupu moe oatu ai ke he tapuakiaga afiafi he maaga. Kua fakaaue ai ke he Matua he Lagi ha kua takitaki monuina e ia e fenoga he oatu moe liliu mai.

Koe Hokotaki ke lata moe Tauui Feoaki he Matakau he tau Mamatua Fifine Kerisiano he maaga ha Makefu-falekaho-atua ki Hakupu-atua.

Aho 8 Sepetema 2013.

Ne fenoga mai e tau mamatua Fifine he Matakau he Tau Fifine Kerisiano he maaga Makefu ki Hakupu-atua.Kua tokloga a lautolu ne omai.

Ne kamata ai e tapuakiaga he matahola 10am, takitaki ai he Matua Fifine Akoako ha Makefu ko Mrs Fama Tafea.

Haha I ai e fakaholoaga ne kua muitua ki ai. Kua lologo e tau mamatua fifine he maaga Hakupu moe tau mamatua fifine he maaga Makefu…fulufuluola e tau lologo ha tau mamatua fifine ha Makefu ha kua ako pauaki ha lautolu a tau lologo. Koe tau lauga kua fanogonogo ki ai kehe matua fifine fuata moe taha matua tupuna he maaga…koe ha laua a tau fakamafanaaga kehe tau mamatua fifine oti pihia kehe ekalesia katoa ha kua tapuaki  auloa moe ekalesia kehe tapu lahi. Kua nakai fakahoko e taha vala he tau mamatua fifine he hili e tapu lahi ha koe manako ni he tau mamatua fifine he maaga Hakupu ke toka e vala ia kehe mahina kahau – koe huhu mafola moe tauhea e tau higoa moe liti he tupe ati hake he matakau.

Fai manatu fakakite e tau mamatua fifine ne feoaki mai ha kua manako ke kitia e tauteaga ke ua aki ha kua tapuaki agaia ni a lautolu ho ko lautolu ka hili e tapu lahi. Kua fakamolemole age ha kua nakai taute pihia ka kua fakamaama age he tohi kupu e tau mena fa taute.

Koe tau mena fakaalofa he tau mamatua fifine ne feoaki  mai kua totou ni he Leveki Tupe he Ekalesia ha koe fakatokaaga na ia ke totou ni he ekalesia e tau tupe oti kua tuku ki loto he fale tapu he tapuakiaga lahi. Nakai pehe e mena ia kua toka he Ekalesia ka koe totouaga moe fakailoa kua toka kehe Ekalesia, ka kua foaki mai kehe Tohi Kupu /Tohi Tupe he FCW ka hili e tapu afiafi.

Kua fakaaue kehe tau mamatua fifine FCW he maaga Makefu kehe tau mena fakaalofa loga kua foaki mai ke lata moe ha lautolu a fakalataha mai moe tau kotofa totou Tohi Tapu, liogi moe lauga. Kua fakamahomo hake e lautolu e tau mena foaki ne taatu he tau mamatua fifine he maaga Hakupu. Oue Tulou ma Makefu ke he tau loto fakamakoi ha mutolu kua foaki mai e tau tupe loga ia mae tau gahua he FCW ha Hakupu.

Koe vala ke ua aki kua tauteute kehe fale la ke he faahi mua he Fale he Mafola . Ke tuga ni ne taute mai e lautolu kua ua e laulau ne kua fakatoka ke lata mo lautolu. Fakamua kua taute ai e tau fono fakaaue moe fakamafana to foaki age e laulau kia lautolu ke taumafa ai. Kua puke namo e tau laulau he tau kai kehekehe he “First Course” ti fakaoti aki e “Second Course” tau kai humelie loga…kehe vala kai humelie kua kai auloa moe tau fifine moe tau fanau he maaga Hakupu.

Kua logona kehe tau kupu fono kua lahi ni ke he tau manatu ‘’kua nakai lata ke fakamua e tau mena I fafo ke he tau mena kai mo e kua lata ni ke fakaoti e tau gahua taute kai “ ka ko hai la ka kamata ke fakaoti ai e taute he AGA FAKAMOTU koe taute kai mo e momoi??? Kua fono age he taha ka liu foki feoaki to age ni e kapiniu ti moe valafalaoa ti fekau ke o ka oti e fono!!!

Kua fai manatu foki ke fefe ke taute lagataha ni e feoaki, ko e taha ni e maaga ka fano ti fakatali ni ke he tau hake ke tauui?? Ka taute pihia fakalata, ka hoko mai e taha e tau, liga ni kua momole atu falu he leo!!!

Ka e moha e tau mena oti kua oti moe mafola e fakafetuiaga feoaki he tau maaga ne ua ti oatu e tau mamatua fifine ha Makefu, koe tau motoka kua kitia kua mamafa, kae liga hohoko ni moe mafola he nakai fai tala logona kehe pogipogi nei ne tohi ai e hokotaki nei.

Kua fakaaue ke he Matua he Lagi ha ko Ia ne tumau ke fakalataha mai mo tautolu kua fakaoti moe mafola e tau fekau he aho mae tau nei.

Fakaaue lahi

Tohi Kupu – Mrs Malua Jackson
Matua Fifine Akoako – Mrs Ala Mokole


The Ekalesia Kerisiano Niue FCW fellowship programme brought together the Hakupu FCW and Makefu FCW in worship at the Hakupu church on Sunday 8 September. It showed vibrant women leadership and friendship gained through dedicated praise and worship. A new idea which has grown both spiritual and cultural benefits to the FCW members.

In August the Makefu FCW hosted the Hakupu FCW in the comfort of fellowship following the international FCW principles based on giving God all praise.

The church service began at 10 am led by Mrs Famakau Sipeli- Tafea, wife of the Reverend Holo Tafea , resident pastor of Makefu village. By protocol selected members of Makefu FCW conducted the service with Fou Tohovaka leading the scriptural reading. Mrs Lekei Palemia and the Assembly Member of Makefu, Tuleihemaama Salilo Togia said prayers while Folia Alapaki-Tohovaka and Iva Barry delivered striking sermons. Mrs Alapaki-Tohovaka appealed to the flock to serve the Lord with dignity and integrity. Through dedicated hard work and sacrifice all Christians especially the women should flourish in their hearts and souls.

The visiting delegation made a large sum of donation to the Hakupu church and FCW, more than what the Hakupu FCW gave them in August.

Fama Tafea illustrated the women fellowship that God brings together into one central place for worship as gentle ‘Queen Bees’. Meaning to reflect on the shining white attire of the FCW members and sharing one single theme of praise and spirit. The brief service was well organized and accepted as spiritually touching blended with harmonious hymns and focus.

Only in God through the perseverance of the women that the fellowship was possible, she said.

Later at the social gathering at the Pastor’s house, she light-heartedly reminded her colleagues to refrain from acting like ‘Wild Bees’ before the splendid lunch was served.

The cultural part of the ceremony ended with exchange of speeches and presenting of gifts and baskets of food to the visiting friends and relatives.

The workload should be much lighter if we continue to uphold our traditional practices, says Mary Anne Palemia-Talagi.

More so if we turn our thinking and trust in God, the workload would be lighter than feeling stressed with negative thoughts, Rev Igatiatama Mokole concluded.

The host family must be delighted and relieved for the fellowship and to see their visiting ‘ Queen Bees’ friends departed peacefully. Their plan had worked perfectly and members mingled, worshipped and delivered with ease. Excellent performance ladies!

Until 2014, the Niue FCW fellowship exchange programme comes to a rest.

03/08/2013 MAUTAMA SIBLINGS BAPTISED IN THE NAME OF THE LORD! (pic by jack feleti)

Life of a person at any age is a lighthouse looking out for lost ships in case they wash ashore on dangerous cliffs. Their purpose is clear and steadfast; to warn roving ships around the area to keep away safely from the roughness of the ocean and the particular coastline.

rev iga mokele with suna, ireena and stu mautama

Biblical teachings lay the foundation as the root of a child’s life and every family and the church for which they align to. As they prosper in knowledge and growth leading to become adults and disciplined citizens of society the church institution stands firm to perform baptism and anoint them to be members of the Lord.

On Sunday 1 September, three young siblings Ireenah, Karl and Stuey Mautama children of Kerri and Pacific Enterprise Mautama came before the village Pastor Igatiatama Mokole to demonstrate to the church and their Lord Jesus the biblical vow and formal commitment. They stood at the helm of the church by the special designed ‘kumete’ where the holy water was patted on their foreheads.

The congregation watched and ponder at the classic moment. Many of the church members had experienced the ritual from the former Pastors with differing methods of baptise in store. It was and will remain a cherished moment for them, family and the resident pastors. Out of this experience the siblings will emerge a life learning experience. Many years later they will talk about it to their friends and next generation.

The siblings looked hungry to get the induction over and tread new lives. For Rev Mokole it was a blessing and unique time to reminisce the power of Lord Jesus working tirelessly in spiritual form. The baptism chemistry was just right according to Karl a.k.a Suna.

‘The experience was more powerful than just talking about it with friends’ Karl said. ‘It shines the whole light of creation and being kind’ he beams in smile.

‘In the name of our Saviour, may you all grow up to be strong and honest members of the church’ Amen! As Rev Mokole signs off the biblical ritual for the new members. He too felt baptized again by the same Lord he serves dutifully while Deacons Tom Senior Mitikea and Scan Bua Mitiepo watched from the forefront.


 (pics by jack feleti)

John Talagi, a theology aspired student from Tamakautoga, was invited by the Hakupu Ekalesia Kerisiano on Sunday 2 June to lead their afternoon congregation. His farewell sermon advocates seeking Gods guidance and blessings to nurture life.

‘God’s strength and love are everlasting and we just need to keep our faithfulness in serving him’ John Talagi says.

‘God is the creator of all living things and it is rightful that we keep close to Him at all times to sustain our lives whether in good or bad times’ he pronounced on the Kanana He Fakalofa Noa pulpit.

After the church service the village elders gathered at the Pastor’s lounge to farewell him and family with words of wisdom.‘I will try hard to ensure that God’s ‘umu’ is well cooked as my village elders told me. That in itself is no easy thing to do just like another Niuean saying of our tupunas to keep God’s fire alight and living’ John Talagi asserted the flock.

ulumotua viviani foaki e mena fakaalofa he ekalesia hakupu

In response Acting Pastor Young Vivian challenged John to strive for the best and reminded him an old adage to chomp the soil and stamp it in the mind always followed by the presenting of monetary gift to the family.

John, wife Susana and children are heading overseas to pursue studies in theology. They have planned for the new journey for a while and John will sacrifice his Government career at the Environment Department for the Gospel mission.

John and family, May God’s ‘umu’ give you deserving energy during your studies under the bright lights from the divine fire and healthy nutrients from the soil for your souls!


The talking is now over. White Sunday and Mother’s Day in Hakupu  for 2013 began in earnest with ruffled overcast, slight howling wind but tremendously breezy. A late grip on the day named Mother’s Day, as well, White Sunday just to be counted after everyone else, if not most, had ended their Mother’s Day celebrations the day before. There’s no such thing as shifting the clock on this isolated piece of limestone and calcium contented rock. But who cares when we have a caring Father above.

No weather condition can shake our mother’s personal resolve. But God has not forsaken her people. The living sun rose from Tuhia-Atua gave strength for a fair, fresh and blessed start. Children anxious to greet and experience the Holy day that the Lord hath made and our forefathers agreed to designate White Sunday together with Mum’s Day. Mothers’ rather puzzled how to celebrate this special designated day that is split between them and their children.

Celebrating on a Sunday also means keeping saintly with slim space needed for cooking, prepare and have the bouquet delivered to the loving ones, living or deceased and sweet messages in respond to the wishes on hand and send away messages to the absentee mothers’ overseas belated these messages maybe.

By 6 am, vehicles were already roaming to organize, refine and deliver the special gifts to their loving mothers and children. It was still a bit dark, but the umu making was not to be forgotten. Soon the village air was blessed (not polluted) with calculated aroma of bacon, eggs cooked in different forms and shape, pizza and bread or biscuit, spaghetti, baked beans, bread toasts and champagne to sponge the guts. By 9 am sharp the first church bell rung for the first time today which serves to remind the skip of the early morning devotion so the men folk can do their servant duties on the day.

pic by: deacon jack feleti

The drum beats rattled afar to alert the kids of their traditional parade to church. Once upon a time as young boys now turned men through marriage and defacto bond have the opportunity to counsel their loving ones for the last time. The day of testimony has finally arrived.  Deacon and Laypreacher Gemmo Mautama led the programme with melodious singing from Ben Junior Tanaki and Sunday School choir. As usual, the younger kids took the stage with some who hardly accepted the stage fright and facing the large mass. Tali Toeono-Tohovaka, Logan Jackson, Troy Tatui and Fuai Viviani were among the desperate first comers to try and gratify their families but somehow fell short of the line. There was still the evening service and of course next year someone said later. The church was peppered with whitish uniform of the loving children except the loving mothers posing in their mufti attire. In all, applaud sum up a successful morning worship.

Then came the main feasting and siesta time for every families and food momois to mark the 2013 White Sunday and Mother’s Day. And the men seeking for excuse to kill thirst and entertain their loved ones. For the afternoon church service, Laypreacher Rossy Pulehetoa-Mitiepo led the congregation in worship and the final part of the laugas from the families of the northern side of the village. Then the final coverage has to end with Laypreacher and Sunday School President Taumalua Jackson sending off the crowd with humble thoughts of thanksgiving and applaud for a historical day. An entire chapter of proof to sign off the special day that was popular for the children and mothers according to Young Vivian, Senior Elder and MP. And the new breed heading for bigger roles in the future and not forgetting those whom passed away from this earthly journey.

Well done!


With action, the Hakupu RSA showed the state how to fast forward time to honour ANZAC 2013 along that ofNew Zealandby shifting the village ANZAC commemoration event 24 hours ahead.

It’s that time of the year to reflect on our war heroes who sacrificed their lives almost 100 years ago to join the commonwealth of countries to fight for peace that we enjoy today. Those village, national, regional and international heroes shaped the nature of our dedicated and voluntary spirit for the betterment of our people and generations to come. A valuable, priceless sacrifice and show of valour they showed for us today.

For the present generation, it brings quality time of recollection to honour their brave decisions, green commitment and boldness to forsake families back home. Families of our war contingent no doubt were rout with uncertainty, neglected and distress. In the end, some of them did not ever return to this day. Like the great Mitikele  No 16/1087 aged 27 of Tamahamau who died of heat stroke inEgyptand buried at the Tel El Kabir War Memorial cemetery.

The saddest of news somewhat expected took weeks to be told of or reached the loved ones waiting in earnest at the mercy of God. For those who perished while reroute to, during the war or in transit toNiueIsland, no measure of lawsuit will ever compensate for their precious lives. Devotion must go to Christianity and the resurrection Lord Jesus, Our Saviour who helped ease the sharp pain that our forefathers gave freely and generously.

No reconstruction skit or speech can portray the original scenario 99 years ago, how the grandparents, parents, aunties and uncles, siblings, cousins and friends wept silently in their hearts. How brave they volunteered to go to war to a region so far away on the other side of the world as if it was the once upon a time ancient island rift between Tafiti and Motu.

 Was there any signed written agreement among the parties concerned of what to expect, how much compensation etc? Were they forced to enlist for the war? Was it a deliberate conspiracy theory? The reality is, there are many answered questions which need to be found.

But forever, we will always remember them!

It was a beautiful April 24 2013, Wednesday in the early morning, right in the centre of the village, another clean yet anxiety day of remembrance. At the whim of dawn, peppered with light wondrous dew, the village marching girls’ and boys’ brigades lined up towards the memorial cenotaph near the monumental bell tower readied to offer the traditional tribute to reminisce the Hakupu-Atua supermen who went to the 1st World War and latter wars.

The village brigades’ and their drumming tempo, equally musical as the redundant Hakupu brass band echoed the whole village. Their composure and robot-like movements more less rerun the original soldiers rehearse inDevonport,New Zealand, on the war ships heading for Europe or the void dustydesertofEgypt.

Similar to a movie script which show re-enactment of the real stuff, 99 years later.

boys and girls brigade takitaki e antoinette tanaki & gemmo mautama

Put ourselves today in our heroes situation, evoke the moment of truth thousands of miles furthest from the beloved village, the homestead; Pokotuali, Kaiagafono, Fuai, Malakava, Mati, Manunu, Nukutapu, Matavao, Lalovi, Lalofetau, Pokofutu, Tuatea, Lalomoli, Fumei, the thatched ‘fale pola’, loved ones praying eagerly 24/7 with the only quick communication made possible in prayer, and watching the sky changed colour from day to night. If a war breaks out tomorrow and needs our help, will we be strong enough to enrol?

Now, getting back to the village centre live enactment and 2013 commemoration event where all the village and family imaginations and concentrations fuse on.

Master of Ceremony and Chief Organizer of the Hakupu RSA Committee, Michael Naea Jackson served tirelessly on the cenotaph pitch to run the brief ceremony according to the worldwide standard. Once the drumming died for the formality part, there was unusual quietness for a moment before the MC addressed the crowd.

‘Thank you for coming to remember our war heroes, beloved forefathers who represented us to the 1st World War and latter wars. Tomorrow is our day of remembrance on Niue but our ceremony this morning was brought forward to coincide with our families in New Zealand and also to allow us to join in the national remembrance dawn parade tomorrow, which is the 25 April’ Michael Jackson explained.

‘This morning, we also remember the late Liuvaietama Liuvaie who passed away in 2012, tupuna and former member of the Hakupu RSA Committee’ he said.

Acting Pastor, MP and village elder, Young Vivian, accompanied by the family representatives stood in wonder to honour their heroes, long gone but not forgotten. Time mattered when the morning shade slowly lit into daylight to remind the faithful crowd the real meaning of everlasting peace.

The quietest moment, all the attendants seemed uniquely breathless while the sunshine softly shows the symbol of peace. Quietly in their joint meditation, the faces of the beloved war idols resurface and the spirits of those who used to be in the same crowd, in the same spot, but had left them behind to continue the legacy.

‘We will remember them in our hearts for their sacrifice and bravery” Young Vivian remarked with a sad howling voice.

‘They were valiant, fearless but full of dignity. Some of them left at very tender age and never return. The real event happened nearly 100 years ago. They suffered on our behalf for the prize of peace and privilege that they never get to enjoy like we do today’ says Young Vivian.

‘I believe, they were not forced to go to war. They wanted to show the gallant spirit of a Hakupu-Atua warrior, to give whatever was in their might for the village, families and their country’ he said.

To seal off a historic moment, Young Vivian read a poem (presented below this article in English translation) that he wrote in honour of our war heroes.

The dawn ceremony happened so rapidly as the family reps presented the colourful wreaths, bowed to the cenotaph, true expression of grief, pride and honour.

While the two mighty brigades’ dismissed, attention was on the cenotaph and the rays of peace from the east sliced the village atmosphere once again for the present generation to whisper, “We will remember them”.

The Hakup-Atua war heroes, our forefathers who passed on, families abroad in New Zealand, Australia, Samoa, Fiji, Tonga, Hawaii, Canada, USA and worldwide.


This is the recital Poem written and read by the Hon Young Vivian on the 23 April 2013 during the Hakupu-Atua RSA Memorial Service:

Title: I am the grandson of a war-hero from Hakupu-Atua who went to the First World War.

I am a Hakupu Atua!

Remember! Remember!

I am a Hakupu-Atua!

From the blood of Fakahuikula!

From the blood of Hafonua!

The son of a war hero

Who went to Gallipoli!

With a machete and gun!

To raze the creation of God!

My best friend was a Hakupu-Atua!

Nurtured with the Word of God!

Found in Uluvehi, Mutalau, Ululauta!

The Words of Our God held!

Thou shall not kill!

Love those who hate you!

But still he advanced with a machete and gun!

To ruin the creation of God!

Who forced him?

Who inspired him?

I am in angst, fuming!

To the culprit who misguided him!

My beloved grandfather!

To be armed with a machete and gun!

To destroy the creation of God!

Where were the country’s wise men?

Where were the village sages?

Who were his beloved mentors?

Was it the Pastors?

Was it the educators?

That my soldier enlisted!

To demolish the creation of God Almighty!



pic by : jack feleti

proud grand parents of “master canaan mautama” – pic by jack feleti

‘I baptize you, Master Canaan Alaiga Motutoa Eric Halepatu Mautama, in the name of Our Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ” the Rev Igatiatama Mokole.

The Christian rite of baptism was performed on the latest addition to the village(s) of Hakupu, Tuapa, Alofi, Mutalau, Namukulu, Lakepa and others, and Niue that the radiant star has blood connection to. It was a dazzling sacrament for the youngest man of the congregation on Easter Sunday, the day when Jesus was resurrected and still commemorated today. Nena Nafine and Papa Gemmo Mautama looked on as they presented their first grandson Canaan to Pastor Igatiatama.  They too were dazed with the ceremony.

 The ritual saw the Pastor spatter water on Baby Canaan’s forehead followed with the pronouncement of blessings, cleansing and dedication.

 At the end of the blessing, the Pastor blotch the sacred fragrance on Canaan’s forehead. The water symbol marks the spiritual truth and testimony to the biblical ritual of baptism for every member of the Christian Church. Master Canaan is now a member of the church and once he has grown to be a smart boy, his family will explain and remind him the very day of his dedication to God and Lord Jesus.

 Double Great grandparents, Bonny and Hon Fisa Igilisi Pihigia from Tuapa-Uhomotu came specially for the ceremony in what was a historical and proud moment to them and the families. Hon Fisa Pihigia is the Church Elder of Tuapa Ekalesia Kerisiano but seek leave from the church to attend Canaan’s dedication to the Lord and blessing’s for a healthy and prosperous life.

The congregation shared the tremendous experience and immersed in the Easter Sunday ritual mainly as Master Canaan himself has a brand new life to brighten the village life.


Reverend Vili Kamupala Viviani, a Knox qualified priest and Ekalesia Kerisiano Niue anointed Pastor who formerly served at the Mutalau Ekalesia for 10 years was farewell by the Hakupu congregation on Sunday evening 17 February 2013. He is the second eldest son of the late Tofuola and Young Vivian of Fuai Disrict.

Reverend Vili finished his evangelism work at Mutalau in March 2012 but other priority work saw his early departure for Auckland before the village Ekalesia could organize a formal send-off. Recently the church council set a newer policy to recognize the village pastors who takes up evangelism in another village and overseas and at the end after serving the gospel. There is no formal contractual pact apart from the strong spiritual and cultural reverence accorded to those who volunteer freely to serve the gospel.

As the Deputy Village Elder, Isaia Talagi said in church, the crux of the event is to thank the Pastor of the village and the Man of God for the sacrifice, dignity and dedication to spread the word of God. Reverend Kamupala conducted the evening church service and advocates Prophet Jeremiah’s biblical vision and personal commitment and trust in the Lord reminding the congregation to stand up and ask how one is keeping with God’s promise and laws. That each person should think firstly of what he or she has done well and not so well, and strive to do better not as he/she wishes to but in a way that pleases the Lord.

After the church service, the congregation held a tea party at the Pastor’s residence to mark the important occasion and speeches of blessings and thanksgiving.

Reverend Vili and his nephew Tagavaitoa Tukuitoga leaves Niue for New Zealand at the end of the week to continue his evangelism work. When the Great call will come Rev Vili has the village support and blessings in his future endeavours.

May you have healthy and good fortune, Reverend Vili Viviani and nephew Tagavaitoa Tukuitoga!


Sunday ,3 of February 2013 was a day dedicated by the Ekalesia Kerisiano Niue to show spiritual fellowship and leadership of the church. It was a practical means to display God’s glory to the nation and village churches. The day when the church minister from one village was chosen at random having charge over the congregation of the selected village. It is an old tradition practised annually since the early missionary days which is still being kept today.

Reverend Mokole and family took up fellowship in Avatele while the Reverend Holo Tafea and family from the Makefu Ekalesia spent the day preaching the good news in Hakupu.

ulumotua greeted rev holo tafea and wife

After the main mid-morning church service, the Village Elder Young Vivian and deacons catered lunch for the visitors at the Pastor’s home. The feast was shared among the group and speeches to bear witness to the work of the Lord and to thank the Pastor for the sermon and donation to the church. Usually the host church gives back a complementary donation for the visiting Pastor and family, and parcels of food variety.

 The crux of the practice lies in the spiritual message for the congregation and not financial gain to the church.

During the late afternoon programme the visitors with their small choir (Shayleen Tohovaka, Mia Talagi, Fernandos Poihega and Jodacy Tohovaka) and the Pastor and wife, Famakau Sipeli- Tafea sang a striking hymn. Amid the singing, the rain fell heavily to confirm in some way the blessings from above.

And there ends another ‘feoaki he tau Akoako” until the New Year loom.


Lay preacher, Sunday School Teacher and Church Deacon, Scan Mitiepo is ready to start an ecumenical correspondence course in the Dunedin Bible College. To formalize enrolment, he will attend the college next week accompanied by Reverend Mokole for orientation and registration. The training is a major step forward for Scan and his long term mission to become a Pastor. He accepted Jesus in his life several years ago and took up the challenge of serving the ministry and the Lord.

Scan has been a key member of the Hakupu Council of Deacons and faithfully served his deacon duties. His wife Rossy Pulehetoa Mitiepo has been a pillar behind Scan’s desire to serve the Lord. Acceptance to study at the college is a special call from God to learn more towards theology and divinity concepts. His services in the Niue Government ICT business, Village Councillor of Hakupu, keen canoe fisherman and Webmaster for the village website show the versatility and tact in his sense of community service for the people.

Scan is the son of the late High College Kalulu Mitiepo of Tuatea District and Tohimatahega Tokimua Mitiepo of Toi village. His late father was also a lay preacher and deacon of the Ekalesia Kerisiano of Hakupu and his mother, Tohi is a lay preacher and member of the Hakupu FCW.

Affiliation to the Dunedin college through Pastor Mokole has made it easier for Scan to reach this far. Pastor Mokole hopes that future theological students of the church would follow in Scan’s path to study at the college.

Scan Mitiepo – Theology Training

Lay Preacher Mitiepo led the evening church service on Sunday 13 January to prove further to the congregation his learnt skills and eloquent sermon delivery. His family are delighted to note his endorsement by the bible college in Dunedin and offer their support and prayers to his mission.


In the fading darkness, the prayer bell pounds new life, new day and tidy blessings on Fineone-Hakupu-Atua. Friday 11th January 2013.There is panic at first as if the starting time of the last prayer day has shifted.

The Bell Master pulled with might the broken robe which is tied to the grey steel bell in the loft above. Between the thunderous ringing bell and the veteran performer’s heart pace, breath and commitment; they measure a common music strike. After the twentieth quartet hit, the man must certainly be cleansed of stress, sweat sopping down his temple, arms and geriatric body.

The concrete bell shed located on a sharp slope sends the waking alarm message across and far beyond the borders of Masi District, Manunu Gateway, Malakava Hill, Anapala Peninsula and Tamani Rise. He should name it, The Golden Saccharine spot.

 It’s about Morning Prayer time, free service, real praise and thanksgiving to the Almighty. The wild roosters hoisted a challenge; the permanent Pastor hurried inside the church, the retired Pastor follows after to join the senior elder. United they closed their eyes and meditated without restraint. It was one to one, with the One above.

At this point, there was silence from like-minded followers around the devout community. From the highest point, the invisible prayer signals all beams to the dreamland and Highest Order above. Soon the tension unfolds and what a moment in prayer, we smiled and unwind the new day. This time the bell was sleeping, lifeless until the next morning when the Bell Master, Young Vivian reveals his magic moment once more.


The Hakupu FCW is a community and church fellowship of Christian women. Every year on Wednesday evening of the traditional prayer week, they host a feast at the Pastor’s house for returning students and village families and friends on vacation in Hakupu. It has become a milestone event to greet, farewell and offer blessings for the village scholars and visiting families.

This legacy has lived on with dignity and has been passed on from generation to generation.  As far as when students journeyed by the M.V Tofua passenger boat to study overseas and up until now with travel made easy by Boeing jets. Times have certainly changed and most of the ‘tupunas’ who inherited the event have passed away.

Between the women and men folks, women are ace in organizing activities and prayer sessions which keeps their group together. Their goals are practical and achievable through united participation. They are better spiritually armed and work with unmatched capacity even with limited financial resources. No church group, perhaps apart from the youth, could match their organized skills and smart cooking of delicious food.

It has built the FCW with consistent policies and rules all well written and reviewed annually during their AGM. The FCW lead the service of the main church congregation in prayer and sermon every once a month. It was a new change to follow suit with modern times that allowed its members proper meal time with families after the church.

 Previously they used to hold fellowship after the main worship which deprived quality Sunday lunch with families, especially the children.  For every funeral in the village, they visit the grieving family to offer condolences and worship together.

In hindsight, their total number might have dwindled but they remain in solidarity through faith and commitment to the word and work of the Lord.

For 2013, the Hakupu FCW held its AGM on Monday 5 January after the morning prayers. They discussed relevant issues regarding the executive appointments and financial reports. The FCW survives financially from voluntary family and group donations as well as fund raising activities. Being a non-profitable organization they spend funds on voluntary donations, allowances for members attending national FCW meetings and administrative costs. The meeting was facilitated by Taumalua Jackson, General- Secretary and Ala Mokole, FCW Leader.

Even though there are other activities happening at once in the small community, the FCW still found time to enjoy their festive break up function at Falala Fa restaurant in town on Tuesday night, 8 January 2013.

On Wednesday 9 January, the FCW hosted their annual feast at the Pastor’s house. There were abundance of assorted food and drinks to share. The programme began at 5 pm and while the invited guests enjoyed the special meal, the host party rejoiced in the old village songs which their predecessors had performed over the past years.

 Dressed in white and black, their string band blasted pleasant songs to reminisce those beloved ladies who paved the way before this generation. They might have physically gone and left behind the Hakupu FCW but their beautiful faces lingers on, their sweet voices and dance actions will always be remembered and remain alive. Their memories definitely remain echoed by the successors of today. Most of today’s members have matured and aged with time but amazing how they came through the protocol once upon a time as invited guests of the FCW.

 The common urge expressed in the speeches for the young people is to keep healthy, study hard and come back to serve the country and village. Some things have changed slightly as old folks pass on and the young people continue to struggle with life, clinging to traditions and experiencing modern life styles. Though the 2013 buffet is done with, let’s pray to have a blessed year, until the 2014 buffet. Hooray Hakupu FCW! The floor is all yours, go for it!

24/12/2012 Cometh to Behlehem ‘O Lord!

The Hakupu Ekalesia Sunday School has extended a kind invitation to the public, particularly visiting Niueans and friends to join them in their Christmas Eve festival at the Hakupu Pastor’s complex near Fuai Street. News has spread easily about the Bethlehem replica manger where Baby Jesus was born.

Sunday School leader Ben Junior Tanaki says the annual commemoration is a unique celebration and display of the Christmas drama and singing by the children whom are the key members of the group.

We all work together, The Pastor and wife, teachers, the youth and parents to make the festival a memorable one for everyone, he added.

Ben Tanaki has been a Sunday School teacher , Boys Brigade leader, Youth Choir Master and Lay Preachers of the Ekalesia for many years supported by wife, Antoinette, who is the Girls Brigade leader and their children Taratose Mokaiva and Bowendt Tanaki. Every Sunday they commute to Hakupu two or three times for church worship and religious activities.

This year, former Sunday School leader Taumalua Jackson will not be around to give the much needed motherly support to the kids.

Drawing near to the major eve, Rev Igtiatama Mokole, wife Ala, and teacher Rossy Mitiepo are giving final touch up to the decoration arrangement of the Manger at Bethlehem-Fuai District.

21/12/2012 The Great Manger at Bethlehem-Fuai District

At a glance the open end manger resembles on reflection the sort of environment Lord Jesus was given birth to more than two thousand years ago. It was recognized to occur in Bethlehem under grimy and trying conditions surrounded by farm animals. Joseph and Mary, his beloved mother, struggled in agony with pain and joy at the natural birth of Baby Jesus.

But only this time around, the manger had shifted all the way to Fineone-Hakupu Atua in front of Elder Young Vivian’s residence. Exactly, fifteen meters from the legendary Fuai landmark by the roadside facing toward the Manunu corner street.

The manger is the make shift talent of Reverend Igatiatama Mokole and family. Designed and constructed with wooden pallets as the barn floor, thatched coconut leaves as exterior walls on three sides and the roof, and cut plywood illustrate images of Joseph and Mary in the background which foreshadows their glorious child inside the baby cradle.

Outside the manger, a herd of cattle demonstrated with cut plywood grazing merrily on the lush weeds as if it’s the real thing. The showcase is brilliant at day time but appears to be extra classical during the night when the decorated lights start flashing in the surrounding. Placed nearby to the largest Christmas tree in Hakupu, the location was well thought out to sparkle the entire area and for that matter the whole village atmosphere.

In spirit, the manger module does glorify the hearts of every Hakupu generations and embellish the imaginations of those near and far onto one focal location, the scene of Bethlehem-Fuai in Hakupu. What a joy to see families coming back to spend their holiday at home with loved ones, while others depart to visit families overseas. Near or far away, the Christmas manger brings us all together as one to celebrate Christmas and New Year.

 Hooray to Pastor Mokole and company for the great invention and trademark.

09/12/2012 Tapu Fakahiku he Tau Mamatua Fifine FCW Hakupu -Atua Mae tau 2012

Ko e Aho Tapu 9 Tesemo ne fakahoko mo e fakakatoatoa ai e fakaholoaga Tapuaki he tau mamaatua fifine he matakau FCW (Federated Congregation of Women) he maaga mae tau 2012.
Koe tau kotofa he mahina nai mai he Veveheaga 1.  Ne takitaki ai he matua fifine Akoako Ala Mokole e tapuakiaga mo e totou foki e ia e tohi totou mai he Tohi Tapu moe lagomatai ki ai e fakapotopotoaga. Ko e Tohi he Aposetolo ko Paulo ke he tau Tau Tagata Filipi veveheaga 1 kupu 3-6 mo e kupu 8-11 mo e Evagelia a Ioane veveheaga 6 kupu 1-14.  Kotofa liogi ko e matua fifine ko Heke Viviani. Lauga mai he matua fifine ko Showenna Aue mo e haana fakaveaga manatu ne pehe mai, ‘Koe mena fakaalofa ne mua koe Iki ha tautolu ko Iesu Keriso’.
Kaeke kua hoko atu ke he taha mahina kua tofi ke he Veveheaga 2 ke taute ai e tau kotofa  pihia ni ke he Veveheaga 3 ke maeke ai e tau mamatua fifine ke fetufatufaaki e finagalo he Atua.
Ko e takitakiaga he tapuakiaga aofia ki ai a lautolu ne kua fakauku ko e tau Ako Fakamatala ki loto he Ekalesia Niue pihia foki mo e tau mamatua fifine Akoako kua fekafekau ke he maaga.

Koe tau mamatua fifine Ako Fakamatala i loto he Ekalesia Hakupu-Atua:

1.  Mrs Tohi Mitiepo
2. Mrs Taumalua Jackson
3.  Mrs Showenna Aue
4.  Mrs Luma Alapaki
5.  Mrs Rossy Mitiepo
6.  Mrs Ala Mokole (Kamata Tau 1 ke he Aoga Ako Fakamatala Tau 2012)
7.  Mrs Sapina Fakanaiki (Kamata Tau 1 ke he Aoga Ako Fakamatala Tau 2012)

Mai he tau tau fakamua fa mahani e tau mamatua fifine ke tapu ka oti e tapuakiaga auloa he Ekalesia. Kamata e tapu auloa he tau mamatua fifine mo e Ekalesia auloa he tau nei 2012. Koe hikiaga foou a nei ne talia auloa he tau mamatua fifine he mataulu tau mo e tuku atu e pulega nei kehe fonoaga he Vahega Tiakono mo e ha lautolu a omoiaga moe taliaga.

Ko lautolu e tau maukotofa ki loto he matakau he tau mamatua fifine:

Takitaki: Mrs. Ala Mokole
Tohi Kupu: Mrs. Taumalua Jackson
Tohi Tupe:  Mrs. Ofeila Talagi

Tolu e veveheaga he tau mamatua fifine ki loto he matakau FCW. Fakahigoa e tau takitaki koe tau fetū.  Kakano he fetū ko e tau tagata uta fekau mo e leva ha lautolu a gahua ki loto he matakau.

Veveheaga 1: Mrs. Luma Alapaki
Veveheaga 2: Mrs. Sapina Fakanaiki
Veveheaga 3: Mrs. Ofeila Talagi

Oti e tapu lahi ti nonofo e tau mamatua fifine ke tuku ha lautolu a tau poa ke lata moe atihakeaga he matapatu he FCW he motu mo e maaga.  Fakatutala foki  e huhū mafola ke lata mae tau tagata he maaga mo e feiloaaki e tau malolo tino mo lautou ne moua e tau tino matematekelea ke maeke ke liogi ma ha lautolu.

Fakamaoki fakakū  e fakaholoaga nei  a to liu ke matutaki he tau kahau  7 Ianuali 2013 ka fakahoko e fono lagataha he tau tuga fa mahani.  To liu e tapuakiaga fakamua he tau mamatua fifine FCW he maaga ke liu kamata ia Fepuali 2013.



Boat and Canoe rides finally became a reality!

Tapu Po can be referred to as a ‘Night Service’ initiated by the ‘matuas – elders’ of the Hakupu Ekalesia mainly for young people in the village. The service is held on a weekly basis every Friday evening except in the holidays.  The perspective on keeping the night service attractive for young people can also be in a form of an educational and an informative activity.

Boat ride and canoe rides at Avatele beach were the two main activities Tapu Po group had planned. After weeks of delaying the Tapu Po activity, it finally became a reality on Saturday 01 December 2012.

An invitation was extended to other children in the village to attend. However, only thirteen young children were proud attendees of this activity who are also active members of the Tapu Po.  Other Tapu Po attendees in absentia would have been excited to join this adventurous activity but due to other circumstances they could not make it.

When arrived at 12.30pm the kids made no hesitation in jumping into the lustrous waters of Avatele beach. A swimming session was followed by a boat ride with Carlos Tukutama and New Testament Aue and who happened to be in the area, whilst the group waited on Hon. Billy Talagi who turned up a bit later. He was the proud host of the Boat and Canoe rides for the day.

The kids got even more excited as they had another chance to hop on the boat again when Billy young sidekick Lance Tukutama showed up. This was also an opportunity for the kids to learn from one of the renowned fisherman in Niue. Billy provided fishing experience for a few of the kids by taking them out on a boat ride in the open waters.

Lunch, snacks and drinks were a shared contribution amongst the group. The amenities at the site were in excellent standard.  It was also very handy having a barbeque stand available. Cloudy conditions with brief showers at first but later on throughout the afternoon the weather was pleasant.

The highlight of the day was learning about a Niuean vaka. Billy shared his experience on canoe making and he started off by explaining about each part of a canoe and what type of local tree it was made out of. He used his 11 years old Vaka to demonstrate the particular parts. Then he showed step by step how to launch a vaka, how to get into the vaka and one also need to have a good judgment on the timing of an incoming tide. When all the theory part was dealt with it was time to take the canoe out for a spin.

Riding on the canoe was a breathtaking experience for the kids who were confident to try this out. Billy also taught them the life skills required for safety at sea especially if a canoe had overturned. Repositioning a canoe is a skillful practice that one may need to learn after many years of experience.  This was a worthy cause and all the kids enjoyed every single moment of the Tapu Po activity. It was definitely a memorable experience and for some an opportunity of a lifetime!





Kehe Tau Mamatua Akoako mo e Magafaoa,
Matua Ulumotua,
Vahega Siakono,
Tohi kupu lagomatai,
Leveki Tupe,
Tohi Kupu FCW mo e matakau Katoa,
mo Ekalesia mo e Maaga fakahelehele FINEONE HAKUPU ATUA,