Fenoga Evaeva atu


The Akesi family from Pokofutu District left Niue on Friday 15 February on a mixed of vacation and family business in Auckland, New Zealand.

lafetu sipeli, hon young viviani & fui akesi

Nephew Izzy Akesi and Mum Trephina Ezzo Akesi returns to Auckland since taking a grand break over the festive season accompanied by parents Ruth and Fapoi Akesi and their baby son Fui Akesi. Close families gathered at the airport park coconut shrub to say farewell. Looking forward to a fabulous break away from the domestic errands Fapoi can’t debate time out from his Taloli taro farm.

Fapoi said he will be absent for a month or so depending on the weather. There was no need to rush as the rest of the family are all in Auckland. Life has changed dramatically with the children growing into adulthood and delighted with grandson Izzy Akesi giving them a bonus gift.

Little Izzy Akesi roamed freely with his newly found friends as f he wasn’t leaving. He was relaxed climbing up Uncle Robin’s pickup truck for the final time. His Uncle Fui seems puzzled with how time flies so rapidly and will miss his close friends Gus Alapaki, Lorenzo and Theo Etuata, Lupo and Gutti Tukutoga and Suva Tatui. They appear gelled in the short time together and hope to return and join them soon in the next festive period.

As the Air NZ flight landed the announcement for outgoing passengers to say farewell thundered from the airport terminal. The Akesi family chose to depart without shedding tears and so as the host relatives.

Safe travel until we meet again!

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