Festive Dedications

….Tau Ui Fakamonuina, Fakafeleveia, Fakamavehe, Fakahautoka, Fakakokoho, Fakasekiseki….

23/12/2013 2013 Jesus Re- Born Celebrated In Hakupu!

Christmas is a time of Christian joy and festivity around the world. It moves people around in ways far different from other festival moods. They travel, communicate and hold meetings to discuss and firm up family gatherings during the festive season.

In Hakupu a modelled Jesus with painted beard portrait in control of the three wise men overarched the Fuai Gateway with man-made non-living sheep flocking around the spiritual Shepherd foothold. Amazing how they stare down the main Fuai road appearing like its real.

Jingle lights beam to the top of the natural Christmas tree where the biggest light stream shines wide and far during the night. Obviously the village gets into Christmas fever with many seen rushing to organize gifts for exchange on Christmas Day. But it pays to think about the unlucky many who ill-afford the frill of many families here on the Rock.

The portrayal should reflect that fact. No one on this fortunate Rock struggles to survive on the scale frequently seen on TV. In its entirety, the whole village environment looks trimmed to the tidiest form. Christmas lights flash in the homes at night seemingly competitive to the major pastoral display.

Leading the engineer project is Pastor Igatiatama Mokole and family.

The PWD crane was hired to install the lighting system and the Ekalesia Hakupu bears the cost to keep the system going. Arranging the Christmas theme involves hard work and patience. But the Pastor adamant to make a difference presses on to produce an elegant tedious recital.

An important portion of the reconstruction has to be the mystical image of Jesus as a person who lives on earth thousands of years past.

At night the lights rolls out above the highest coconut trees in the village to welcome visitors for the annual festivity. Such momentous colour scheme adds value and life to the atmosphere where visitors to the village usually find monotonous.

Over 30 years David Liuvaie returns home to wonder where time has been all those years. The Galiki tribe from New Zealand and Canada arrives in growing numbers for the family reunion on Saturday 28 December. Early comers choose to celebrate Christmas with their families with more to join the flock at the end of the busy week. Other family reunions are private business as families quietly share memories and delight in the legacy of the passing on.

The portrait has its own destiny to battle as the country treads through the cyclone season preparation. This round of rush work deserves accolades for keeping the spirit of Christmas alive. The affable dedication treated the impromptu presentation with meticulous care and real imagination.

Across the street and village field at the church veranda Ben Junior Tanaki sounds up the youth and Sunday school drama and rehearsal for the much awaited Christmas Eve candle light party. Cars moved past the statute with amazing gaze from the kids pointing to the earthly display. In a matter of time Christmas will come and go quickly away as it arrives in the minds of the village people.

In the minds of some families they still struggle to relive the pain of losing their beloved ones during the year. This time last year, who would know and want to know that we were going to miss them along the way.

Above all, we must believe in the meaning of Christmas as a time to come together for family quality time and enjoyment. Behind it all, those who are visiting us will eventually return overseas and we, once again, will be left alone to walk a new path until the next Christmas 2014. To those that are taking worthwhile leave and spending valuable time with families, peace and love be with you as we pray for thy mercy and future prosperity.

As we sing, Long time ago in Bethlehem, have a Happy Christmas from Hakupu to you, With Love!

27 thoughts on “Festive Dedications

  1. Manatu ke Tuku atu tau Fakamonuina Kilisimasi atu kehe fine moe tama Fineone Hakupu Atua. Amanaki ke mafola moe fiafia e tau fiafia kilisimasi moe amanaki ke feleveia kehe matahiku faahi tapu. Monuina e kilisimasi he tau 2012 nei ki Fineone Hakupu Atua. Mai he magafaoa Mautama he motu nei ko Sydney..

  2. Merry christmas to my son Gary,bro Cross ,sis Pua n family,Bro Sonny,sis Tele n family,Aunty Tohi,Cousins Scan,Rossy,Lisa Harding n fam.Aunty Fia,Uncle Hiva,cuzzy Jazinta,Aunty Paula,Uncle Tonu n the whole family,Cousin Fapoi n the whole aiga,Uncle Olu n family.Uncle Young Viviani,Uncle Isaia.Wish u all a merry christmas n a very happy new year:)

    • Monuina e kilisimasi moe tau foou mr & mrs tatui, kia mafola moe monuina e tau fiafia …. Ko,Pat n Ino …. Townsville

  3. Ke he matua Faifeau, tokoua mo e magafaoa, Ulumotua mo e Magafaoa, tau matakau kehekehe he Ekalesia, pihia mo e tau matakau kehekehe he maaga, fine mo e tama ha Fineone-Hakupu Atua,hofihofi atu e tau fakalofa lahi kia mutolu oti. Amanaki ni ke monuina mo e mafola e tau aho fiafia ne kua amaamanaki atu ki ai, pete ni kua nakai nonofo ke he motu, maaga ke he tau magaaho nei, ka e amanaki ke feleveia ke he tau foou mo e ke matutaki e tau gahua ma e mitaki he ha tautolu a maaga. Fakaue ke he tau gahua he tau nei ne o mai ai a tautolu – fakaue ke he tau fanau ne kua moua e tau palepale ha ko e tau lotomatala ne kua foaki age he Atua, mo e tau lagomatai he tau mamatua mo e tau faiaoga ne kua fakaako ha tautolu a Atuhau Tupuhake – ko e tau fua mitaki haia kua fakakite mai he matahiku he tau ma lautolu kua fakamakamaka ke he tau fakaakoaga.
    Ke he ha maua a fanau he kaina – Nise, Regan, Morsheena and Rocky monuina ha mutolu ma fanau a tau fiafia Kirisimasi, pihia kia Morgan, Ola, James and Chronnicle ne kua nonofo fakaku atu ke he motu ha ko e tau fekafekauaga, tau lafu mo e tau kapitiga monuina ha mutolu a tau Kirisimasi!

  4. Fakamonuina atu e Kilisimasi moe Tau Foou kia mutolu osi he maaga. Liogi kehe Atua ke haohaofia mitaki e tau fenoga fiafia. Iehova he vahaloto.

  5. Ke he haaku a matua fakahele ko Matalose Titania Talagi. Monuina e Kilisimasi haau moe Tau Foou kua amanaki a tautolu ki ai, aofia ai moe tao fanau osi he maaga pihia moe motu. God bless!!!

  6. Amanaki ni ke fiafia e vaha kua hohoko atu a tautolu ki ai, koe fanauaga he tama he Atua moe Tau foou kua amanaki ki ai. Fiafia fakalatalata kae nakai ke tupu ha mena fakagoagoa. Monuina!

  7. Fakalofa lahi atu kehe Matua Fekafekau he maaga Rev.Iga Mokole moe haau a maga faoa, Ulumotua he maaga Uncle Viviani moe tau hologa ne kua tutupu hake moe kua nonofo ai kehe maaga fakahele ha tautolu ko Hakupu Atua, kia monuina e kilisimasi moe tau foou ne kua hagaoa atu a tautolu ki ai, kia mafola moe monuina e tau fakafiafia. Merry Christmas n have a happi , safe n prosperous New Year to my Dad Tukitoga …. to liliu ke feleveia
    SILIGI family in Townsville, Australia

  8. Monuina e Kilisimasi ma HAKUPU ATUA!!! Mua atu kehe taone fulufuluola ko Lalovi, mo Vaovela. Liogi ke feleveia vave ke he tau aho kuku i mua. Manatu mai ka kai e hui lupe, muimui peka mo e kili puaka vilo!
    Monu atu!

  9. ♥ fakaalofa faka’kilisimasi kia Mr & Mrs Hiva & Fia Levi, amanaki ke monuina e Festive Season & ke tumau e tau malolo tino pihia foki ke he Tau Foou, much love & warm regards … Nogi & Don fanau, Auckland.
    Pihia foki kia Mr & Mrs Scan Mitiepo family, Mr & Mrs Sefo Lui family, Young Viviani family, Lynette Kavisi & tokoua fakahele family, Dawn & Salanoa Mautama family.
    fakaue lahi, xo

  10. Mnako e magafaoa ha Maru Talagi ke tuku atu e tau fakalofa fakakirisimati kia mutolu oti ne nonofo kehe tau motu kehe mua atu kehe tau fanau ha Taleni Seu ,Brad Ikinepule Simisoni Tagatoa moe fanau Losi Jackson Patlin mo Kokela.
    Mesepa Talagi mafola e evaeva ki Cookie. Birtha Oko Lati Fuku moe Siga wish you all a good and enjoyable trip to the Cookie too .
    Mua atu kehe ha maua matua ko Rev Lagaua Talagi ,Amio Susana Nati Guttenbeil .. monuina e tau aho fiafia kia mutolu oti e tau ohi mai i Hakup Atua with Gods Blessing ..
    Maru Mana Julie Hala and Allen

  11. Fakaue Fakamua kehe Matua he Lagi ha koe haana takitakiagamafola ati maeke ai a tau3 oti ke feleveia pehe nei kehe tau lakau hila. KEHE HAKU A MAAGA FAKAHELEHELE MOE MOKOINA ko FINEONE HAKUPU ATUA, kamata mai he matua Faifeau moe haau a magafaao, ulumotua moe magafaoa, tau matua tiakono, tau matua FCW, tau matua tupuna, tau mamatua, tau patu fuata, tau fuata moe tau fanau he maaga…Manatu au ke mouina ha mutolu a tau fiafia Kirisimasi moe tau falu fia2 foki kua hagaao atu ki ai…..To all my families n friends especially to my families from Pokotuali, Tuatea, Kaiagafono, Nukutapu, Fuaai, Tamani, Pokofutu, Anapala, Fualahi, Manunu, Malakava n many more Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.. Hope n pray that i will c all of u guys very very soon.. looking forward to the new year 2013 and what the big man upstairs have for us all.. There is no place like home kae mua atu kehe maaga mokoina ko Fineone.. pete e mamao a tau3 kae tata ni kehe tau liogi.. Very soon i will c u again my beloved village n its people…Lots of luv all the way from Hilo, Hawaii 🙂

    • Fakaalofa atu Enna.
      Kia monuina e tau fakaakoaga haau 2013.
      Kito iloa kua fano a koe ki Hawaii.
      Nakai mavehe to feleveia. Take care.

  12. Hofihofi atu e tau fakaalofa lahi atu kehe tau matua lilifu moe tau fanau he maaga fakahelehele ha tautolu ko Hakupu Atua..koe tau ui fakamonuina kilimasi kia mutolu oti he maaga,amanaki ke tutagaloa e tau fiafia ha mutolu pihia kehe tau foou kua hagaao atu ki ai..inu fakalatalata ti fakaholo fakaeneene kehe tau puhalatu..

    mai e magafaoa ha Liuvaie/Tatui i Mangere..

  13. Hohofi atu tau Fakaalofa Kilisimasi kehe maaga fakahelehele ko Hakupu Atua mai he fetu aho he maaga moe magafaoa, tau matua taane, tau matua fifine, fine moe tama. Mua atu tau fakamonuina kilisimasi kehe matua fakahele ko Matalose Talagi moe magafaoa pihia kehe tau magafaoa osi i Malakava, One Tree Hill. Amanaki ke monuina tau fiafia moe tau foou kua hagaao atu ki ai.

    Lotsa Love from Hender T and Christian P.xox.

  14. Mahakitoili atu kehe haaku a maaga fakahelehele. Kia monuina e tau foou kua hahaga atu ki ai. A prosperous 2013 to my dad Sefo Lui, sister Viva, Oz & fanau, bro Gemmo, Fine & fanau. To feleveia!!
    Much love from us magafaoa tose ha Lalovi @ Massey Rd
    Lema, Lui, Dajon & Javan xx

  15. Mahaki toili atu kehe matua akoako moe haana magafaoa, pihia ni kehe tau magafaoa osi he maaga. Amanaki kua mafola e tau fiafia Kirisimasi kehe tau aho kua mole. Hae kua haga atu kehe tau foou, moe liogi ke tumau e fakaalofa noa he iki kehe ha mutolu a tau kaina takitoko taha. Kia eke ia e haana a tama ko Iesu Keriso mo takitaki aki ha tautolu a tau momoui he tau foou nei ne kua hagaaho ki ai. Monuina e tau amamanakiaga mae 2013.

  16. Kia fakamonuina mai he Atua e tau aho fiafia kua hoko mai ki ai.
    Moha kua mole e kilisimasi kae amanaki ke mafola mo e milino foki e tau foou 2013 kua manogi mai he hau he puhala mo e kua tata lahi mai foki.
    Mua atu ke he fetuaho he maaga ko e matua akoako mo e haana maagafaoa pihia ni ke he tau mamatua mo e tau maagafaoa osi he maaga ko Hakupu Atua ko e maaga ne tupu mai e matua tupuna haaku ko Rev Lipitoa.
    Nakai nimo e tau aloalo manava mo e toto he tupuna mo e tau atuhau ne tutupu mai ia ia he maaga fuluola nei he motu mooli ko Niue.
    Kia tu tagaloa e mafola mo e monuina ke he tau amaamanakiaga kua amanakai ke tause ke lata mo e tau foou 2013.
    Iehova he vahaloto

    Sioneholo family(Sydney,Australia)

  17. Fakaue fakamua kehe Matua he Lagi hakua maeke ai au ke tuku atu haaku moe matua fifine fakahele ko Tulei Tiohane moe haana magafaoa e tau Fakaalofa atu kehe tau lafu, kapisiga moe tau magafaoa mai he maaga fakahelehele ha tautolu ko Hakupu Atua. Kehe matua akoako moe haau a magafaoa, Uncle Pitasoni Tanaki moe magafaoa, Uncle Oluolu Siohane moe magafaoa, Robert Togiamana moe magafaoa, Tauevihi family, Jackson family, Tanaki-Aue family, Tukitoga-Siligi family, Mautama family, Kulatea family, Mitiepo family, Fakanaiki family, Alapaki family, Talagi family, Viviani family, Kalauni family, Lui family, Akesi family, Toeono family and Mataline Lukitau family. Kia monuina e tau foou kua hoko mai moe tau aho fiafia he motu. Amanaki ni ke mafola e ha mutolu a tau amaamanakiaga kehe tau foou 2013. Love to allxxx Fe Tiohane-Togiamana.

  18. Kehe tau magafaoa oti he maaga fakahelehele haaku ko Hakupu Atua, kia monuina e tau foou kua hoko mai moe tau aho fiafia he motu. Amanaki ni ke mafola e ha mutolu a tau amaamanakiaga kehe tau foou 2013. Love to all, mai ia Tiohane-Togiamana family!xxx

  19. Koe tau kupu fakalilifu kua fita ni he talahau e mu3 na i luga, koe ha maua a tau ui fakamonuina, fakamafanatia moe tau fakaalofa lahi atu kehe maaga ko Hakupu Atua. Leva lahi e fano kehe mai moe motu mooli, kae to nakai nimo moe nakai galo e haaku a kaina mau ne tupu hake ai. Kehe haaku tau matua tau lafu oti ne nonofo agaia ki Niue Nukututaha, warm greetings, hohofi atu e tau fakalofa faka-niue kia mu3 oti. Kia monuina a tau3 oti Kia Monu Tagaloa moe mafola e tau aho fiafia moe tau Foou nei kua hoko ki ai… Fakaue lahi ma Scan kehe lau pepa hila nei ati maeke ai ke tohi hifo tau manatu fakalofa . Oue Tulou!
    All da very Best for 2013!!

    Lots of love from,
    Kendall, Geraldine, Kendra, Jedi & Jerrald Togiamana

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