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After 8 years of funding the Hakupu motel units located by the Tuatea Park the European Union has not missed the opportunity to monitor the progress of the community project it has supported from the beginning in 2006.

Councilor Patlini Tukitoga-Ugamea revealed this after the site inspection visit on Wedenesday 25 June. Ambassador Andrea Jacobs accepted the honour to see on behalf of the European Union how the motel is progressing. It was obvious that the European Union wants to know how the village has been moving with the project implementation phase. They want to know whether the village people are benefiting from the project or not.

 It was in these circumstances that the Niue Government also wants to know that the project is properly run according to the required tourism industry standards and that the occupants and visitors get to enjoy the facilities at the right charge out rates.

Ambassador Jacobs inquired about the European Union trademark stickers that should be shown in the motels. It was suggested the present village council aims to purchase equipment, furniture, bed sheets and towels, washing machine and curtains for the units.

The visit highlights the tremendous support by the European Community of their historical village level pilot project. It comes with commitment and trust on the investment of project funds that help generates revenue for the village. The Ambassador applauds the current trustees for keeping the accommodation units tidy and in good condition.

Not surprisingly the motel remains unfinished and in need of solar units to provide hot water supply, interior amenities (2 flat screen TV sets and DVD players, 2 small book shelves,2  settee, curtains, 2 Desk top computers for the internet, small stereo sets, new bed sheets , towels, 2 microwave, outdoor tables and chairs, BBQ set and tent, fencing for privacy and a local rest shed.

 The motel name has fainted and needs new life. It is now necessary to address the dilemma of naming the project as traditional thatched ‘fales’ and develop the property as modern days motels.

Ambassador Jacobs certainly likes what he saw but regret that several essential items needs to be purchased immediately to meet the Niue Tourism Office standards so the village can provide the best accommodation at the right price throughout the whole year. He will discuss the issue with the Niue Government and see how they could assist within the available resources.

The view that the village depend on hand outs has passed its best before date and every effort be made to complete the motels and run the project professionally to demonstrate, as aid recipients, our capability and cooperation to do better for ourselves and future generation, CR Patlin Siligi says.


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