The village Health Group is leaded by the Government Principal Nurse, Mrs Puasina Tatui


In 2012 when dengue fever illness was on the rise and cases were identified in Hakupu, Pastor Mokole was quick off the mark to worry about the threat on the village population. The slow response from the government at the time prompted the Village Pastor AND Council of Deacons to proceed with the purchase of a knapsack mosquito sprayer for urgent mosquito control. Amid disagreement from some church members, the purchase was confirmed.

 It was an epic victory for the church to exercise responsibility for the wellbeing and health of its people. But the new purchase opened up other key issues such as who should be trained to look after the asset, who is qualified to conduct the village spray, what are the existing health laws on mosquito control spraying, who will buy the chemicals for the spray, is it the role of the church to carry out mosquito control?

Although there were initial problems, the new equipment was put to use under the voluntary work for love of Colin Etuata. He has relative experience in spraying and pest control from his job as Senior Quarantine Officer of DAFF.

Our small population according to the rapid growth of dengue affected cases could mean a possible wipe out, says Pastor Mokole.

The intention is to reduce the mosquito population and their damage to human health and the people of God, he explained during the Thanksgiving Day feast.

Mosquito control is hard in areas with abandoned hurricane houses and heavy weeds. In his Thanksgiving speech, Village Elder Young Vivian commended the work of freelance photographer Niu Tauevihi on Face Book who took shots of every single household in the village for global viewing and possibly encourage overseas families with existing vacant houses to do something about the problem.

 But viewing is simple and making concrete effort to restore old family houses and surrounding is another step. The Niue Government has attempted several times to resolve the situation of abandoned houses on Niue but finding the right solution has been difficult. Maybe this time around, our families residing offshore will realize the challenge and discover ways to clean and restore their houses in the near future. In this way, the mosquito control work is lightened and easy to manage.

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