HICT Management

Technical ICT Project Advisor : Hon Crossley Tatui
CCSDP ICT Project Coordinator : Mr Fapoi Akesi
CCSDP Infrastructure : Mr Andre Siohane
HICT Founder : Scan B Mitiepo
Finanance and Accounts Committee: Mr William Mautama, Mrs Valentine Mautama, Dr Leroy Tatui
Secretaries : Mrs Vivien Feleti, Mr Andre Siohane
Multimedia: Mr Shane Tovaka
Member: Mrs Ligi Misikea
Youth Members: Mr Aurthur Mautama, Mr Joshua Feleti, Suva Tatui, Kutikuti Tukuitoga

Building our Web site Together

HICT is designing and developing our village web site and you don’t have to give a perfect contribution to start with. Start at your own pace. We have agreed to narrow it down to the various village groups with a reasonable fee to cover the operating and running costs of the web. Whether it’s a community notice or any news article about your group or your family you know it’s important that we make good use of this way of communication not only among ourselves here in Niue. The information coverage will help transmit and promote our activities to our families overseas and the whole world if we produce attractive news items. Though it’s a long way to go, there is great potential to make our web site lively and attractive. We must keep standing strong to be counted as a people.

What we need now is marketing our site and gather as many supporters as we can to make our investment worthwhile. Those of you that accessed the John Head and family web site and the brilliant photos of our beloved and loving ones will confirm how powerful the web tool is to be able to revive valuable information that we had lost with time. We will gain strength as we count on your support to help build a nice one for everyone.


Telecom Core Manager, Mr Dimitry Viliamu coordinating the project. Bowendt Tanaki & Tupau Tuvalu happily enjoying assisting the trenches

The motion lodged by the Hakupu MP Young Vivian during the October Assembly meeting for the Government to restore the telephone system for the villages of Hakupu and Vaiea before Christmas 2013 coincides rightly with the Department of Post and Telecoms operational plan. During that meeting the Acting Premier Hon Pokotoa Sipeli assured the Niue Parliament and the country of Government’s immediate plan to install the new telephone service for both villages before the year ends. Well the motion was unanimously carried.

The long awaited announcement by the Government brought elation to both villages after rambling with the malfunction telephone system for most of the year. Post and Telecoms spokesperson Roy Pavihi explained on TV Niue the difficulties which the department faces in managing an obsolete telephone system, running behind schedule with trenching and laying of the new cables around the island and the problem of dealing with the existing underground electrical power supply and water piping network.

 In addition short staff, the late arrival of materials from overseas and often having to endure the irregular weather conditions didn’t help the project goals overall.

By the beginning of November the village of Vaiea successfully commissioned its new telephone system much to the delight of its citizens. The bonus of waiting patiently has paid off. 

On TV Niue, Nena Eni Kaufiti was ecstatic and loss for words how to describe the great news.

The main stage of the project long anticipated by the people of Hakupu shortly followed. Post and Telecoms in conjunction with the Hakupu Village Council had agreed to set up the telecom sub-station at the Tuatea Community building. Since September Post and Telecoms technicians and engineers have been working hard out to install the main equipment that led to the present phase of extending the line cables to the individual homes. 

The project heavy machinery meanwhile is being held up in the final stages of the project of the last two villages, Lakepa and Liku , on the trenching and cabling which will complete the whole national cabling circuit.  Anxious to meet the narrow deadline, the department was left with little choice but to assign its emergency team to work on the Hakupu segment. It was a bold decision and an eye-catching action by the department experts and work team. 

Led by Senior Technician Dimitry Viliamu with assistants Tupau Sione and Arthur (Misi) Mautama they already started to man-dig the trenches to the single homes adjacent to the main cable from the sub-station at Tuatea. So far they have managed to connect the new telephone system to four homes while considering the optimum option how to overcome the major haul for the rest of the houses in Hakupu.

“It’s the best way available to solve part of the delay so we have to do the work ourselves. I believe it’s better off than waiting for the machinery to arrive because time cannot wait. We are battling against time, at the same time, making sure high quality of performance and service” Dimitry Viliamu says.

The department’s ICT Manager and Hakupu VC Scan Mitiepo is organising a community initiative for the village people to assist the Post and Telecoms Team with manual trenching. This is a marvellous idea to help speed up the connectivity phase in Hakupu rather than waiting for the ditch witch machinery to do the work. The village could be providing a huge task if it’s able to volunteer with part of the work than waiting for the Government to provide services clean on the plate. If everyone thinks alike and are determined to help the department achieve this useful goal imagine the plinth of excitement at the end of the project when the whole village have a new telephone system equally efficient like other developed nations as New Zealand.

“We need to promote the action points in our village plan for the fulfilment of the plan as endorsed by the Niue Government, United Nations and other donors for the betterment of the village and our quality of life. We must do our part through solid action, monitoring and reporting.” remarked Scan Mitiepo.

“I know everyone is concerned with the delay of the project, frustrated and despair. But we can’t do much with the past and a lot to gain now and in the future if we make an extra effort to show how to serve generously towards partial self-reliance  in our community“.

According to Managing Director Tutuli Heka if they had all of the necessary resources from the start the project should have been completed much earlier.

“It’s just a fact of life trying to survive in a small country with many challenges and disadvantages” he says.

In front of Rossy Mitiepo’s Residence

Truly a historical project for Post and Telecoms in this modern day and age, a worthy milestone for the Government and present generation once it’s all up and running smoothly. That includes self-strain, common sense usage and timely payments of service charges each month by the active and potential consumers.

The time to evaluate and celebrate is looming at the end of the subway comes Christmas 2013 like how MP Young Vivian wishes it to happen. Truly this festive season Santa Claus and party appears to come closer much earlier than he used to be to prepare for the bright times ahead. Let’s pray the dream will be real.

On one condition the village must not tire out of waiting.