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Tourism growth has involved some of our talented teens performing cultural singing and dances at the popular Matavai resort. It has been running regularly as the high season looms into gear for the next six months.

Matavai Operations Manager Vivien Feleti says the youngsters are putting on brilliant performance of culture for our guests as well building confidence in communication and earning compensation for their effort and time. With the help of husband Jack Feleti the kids have improve in discipline and listening skills which takes commitment to do better.

Though there is a warning sign not to overly expose our teens to the limelight of tourism and its sideline distraction, Jack was adamant over his role as foster father and community constable for their safety and well-being.

At one point, about ten Matavai employees, permanent and part-timers come from Hakupu with business entrepreneur Fapoi Akesi providing fresh ripe papaya and quality taros for the resort.

Lest we forget, part of the Hakupu economy includes income from the tourism industry particularly from the Matavai resort.





The last church program of 2012 was led by the village youth group. It has become a practice for the youth to lead the afternoon church service on the last Sunday of the month. They have been bold throughout the year. Being exposed to the various youth development activities fairly early in life puts them in good base to progress in human relations, village culture, open communication, public speaking and leadership skills. President Arthur Mautama has clearly led from the front supported by his executive committee and members.

In a packed church, the youth which consisted of returning and residential members shone in their traditional black and white uniform at the front. They sang the hymns and led worship just like the ordinary program as if they are anointed lay preachers.

Aytron Ratuisuva Veseaga Tatui read the scriptures from Micah chapter 6 verses 1-8 and Psalm 46 verses 1-11. Tamara Nafine Mautama said prayers and President Aurthur delivered an inspiring sermon. He praised God for guiding and caring for them in good and hard times. And challenged the youth to believe and worship God always. He asked the parents and church leaders to forgive them for their wrong doing and disobedience.

They proved once again the youth are much alive and functioning well at this time and looking ahead to a happy and prosperous 2013. Pastor Mokole summed up the sermon with words of encouragement to the youth to be obedient and listen hard to their parents, teachers and God in order to succeed in life. Youth President Arthur has done just that during the year with his coloured achievements in various activities of the church and village. No doubt the young idol a.k.a King Mautama believes in celebrating his leadership and gold medal deeds with God and the congregation.

Management 2012-2015

Pelesiteni : Mr Arthur Pihigia
Hagai Pelesiteni : Mr Jack Jnr Feleti
Tohi Kupu :
Tohi Tupe


Last Shanghai Updates (21st Thursday, October 2010)


Fakalofa lahi atu kehe Ulumotua, Tau mamatua moe tau fanau moe maaga katoa pete he nofo a koe i Fineone, poke ni fafo i Fineone iu Niue poko tau motu kehe. Hoko mai tuai e fenoga i ne pogipogi he matahola 10am moe fiafifa ke fakailoa atu malolo osi e tau fanau, ti pihia moe tau mamatua.  Kae tala fiafia moe malolo he ono atu ki ai.

Faoa ne toe ma tau mamatua malolo osi ti amanaki ni a e ke matutaki atu a pogi. Omai hala Hong Kong a mau3 ti hoko mai ki ai iloa ai taute he faoa ne book i Shnghai e falu luggage ha mau3 ke hoko mai ki Okalana. Kae liu fakatali mo aua ne fai magaaho i HK to omai. Ti moua osi aia moua tau tags ti matutaki mai e fenioga ki Okala, Feleveia mo e toko;loga ti pihia mo falu he matakau hpoka tao. Taute e Rev Faitala e liogi he hohoko mai ki Okalana.

Liga kua fita e falu ha mutolu a tau fanau he fai hea atu kae matutaki atu ni au ke fakailoa fakamitaki e tala kehe fenoga he omai he puhala ti hoko mai kehe motu nai. Haia mafola totiouaga he hokotaki fakahiku nai mo liogo ke he Atua ke monuina e fenoga he matakau a pogi ka oatu, kae mumui atu e falu ha koe tau fekau magafaoa.

Iehova he vahaloto.

Mike Jackson mae matakau katoa.

Photos From Shanghai, China Expo 2010 – (Source from Michael Jackson)

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