Joy of a new business has come to the village.

Tropicana Niue business owners, Tristan and Elvis Tanaki of Kaiagafono District, since 1 December 2012 has opened a new bulk importer service to help the hard-up and middle level segment of the community. Elvis is the youngest son of the late Uea and Esaena Tanaki married to Tris, a beautiful Kiwi lady from Aotearoa. She works as Accountant at Matavai resort.

 Recently returned from Auckland and renovated the family home at Kaiagafono, the young couple have a shared vision to work for. With the steep cost of living on Niue and the struggle of many families with low income to survive; the partner decided of an alternative option to help grass root people and groups like clubs and councils.

Bulk buying may well hold the key to their troubles of facing up to expensive imported goods and be able to save a few dollars if people use smart bulk buying.

On arrival, they noticed during their short time here the high cost of imported goods on the island and wanted to explore bulk order of goods at affordable prices aiming to help the ordinary families who struggle to make ends meet every fortnight. They found out that Niueans spend more on individual food and toiletry stuffs and the total cost to buy goods in town can be costly than if families learn to buy goods in bulk at wholesale prizes. Already some families and a few businesses have made use of the new service with satisfaction.

No doubt, the cost of imported good to Niue will not decline, it is hard because of the high ship freight cost and other onshore costs, like government duty and NCT, say Elvis Tanaki.

Our aim is to help the families get what they really need at affordable prices with delivery at the door step, he explains.

We do the run around, you select what you want, pay for it and wait to receive the goods at your pleasure when the boat arrives.

As Tropicana Niue takes off on a new venture, owners Tristan and Elvis will continue to monitor how things go from here.

 The new service provides duty and tax cost with free delivery if the goods are paid up front. Credit is not allowed. That means, clients must pay up front what goods they would like to order and how to make payment first. Not the other way around, getting the goods first before clients pay as that method usually takes a bit longer or ages, if at all, to fulfil after the goods have been used and disposed with, then the business dies slowly.

 They are happy to have started the new enterprise and look forward that it will help to serve the village and clients quality service.

With the help of internet technology, orders can be made online at the click of a button once you have open an account with Tropicana Niue. At this early stage, clients are requested to talk with Tropicana Niue owners if they want further details and not give in to the new method of buying imported goods through online internet. Elvis and Tristan are always willing to help.

Come and see us or let us know your queries so we can help you, Tris explains with courtesy.

All items and goods are catalogued so what you order and buy, is what you should get and receive at your door step, Tris elaborates.

 Happy shopping with Tropicana Niue!

Please note for local clients, the cut off or closing date for the next shipment and orders closes on the 5th of February 2013. The sooner you lodge your order and pay for it, the better.


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  1. Exciting concept- all the best to the new entrepreneurs. Manatu ma kau ai maeke ke ua e fua niu, taha e noa…vavaku!!

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