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01/01/2014 1ST DAY OF JANUARY 2014 IN HAKUPU!!! 

Quiet and blustery best defines New Year day in Hakupu. The type of quietness families enjoy in the festive mood. 

Time to heal and energize bruised bodies from the New Year frenzy. The youths that turned home late from the Alofi Rugby Club house exercise room and bar at Paliati found little time to rest before the New Year church service at 10 am. 

By the south of the village green visitors Motufoou Kaiese Toloa and David Liuvaie mingle for the last straw to greet the New Year and dismissed respectfully to sleep. 

They loved the spirit of peace and quietness in the village that they called home. The same place they had left behind after migrating to New Zealand over 30 years ago. A light drizzle chased them apart until another time.

 Thank God the traffic runs freely of chaotic trouble. The Niue Police Traffic patrol has so much credit for the peaceful social gatherings thus far. That’s the way to keep things under control. 

On the clock Deacon and Lay Preacher Scan Mitiepo bangs away the church bell as attendees haste to be in church by the third bell. In remembrance the Late Liuvaietama Liuvaie formerly reminded the village people the old custom where church attendees must be in church by the second bell. Effectually the third bell is usually reserved for the Pastor. 

In church the congregation number reasonably reflects the moderate and non-drinkers during the ‘po taha’ bonanza. Feeding the human soul once a fervent village motto passed on from the forefathers. The flock was asked to memorize and say Psalms 23 and a verse from the Gospel John of the New Testament in church. 

Faavaeina Viviani-Makani conducted prayers with Assistant Village Elder Robert Jackson. 

Expedient sermons by Tarucilla Tatui, Paisi Mitikea, Ruth Viviani-Akesi, Lay Preacher Ramona Jackson, Newton Auckland Deacon Ron Hiku Viviani and Village Elder Mitiiagimene Young Vivian more than satisfied the flock. Lay Preacher New Testament Aue will conduct the first 2014 Sunday morning devotion. 

Afterwards families attend to private business and lazing as they like to relax and mitigate the minds. 

By evening the village once again recreate the humming noise of kids playing and vehicles moving around the village. The Christmas lights atop the pine tree flashes wide and far to keep the festive spirit going. Adjacent to the flashing tree the Viviani clan assembled for their lifetime BBQ dinner. 

At Tuatea Brad Ikinepule and his camp members exult on the veranda after the swimming break at Avatele beach. 

Just as when dawn arrives with light this time dusk came to turn off the light. And according to the Ulumotua sermon, night has meaning to rest the body and forget the past looking forward to the new day with fresh thoughts and attitude. 

It will be 364 days before the village celebrate another New Year in 2015. 

Praise God for thy blessings and pray ardently to him for good health, peace, love and hope!

 Happy New Year! 


On Saturday 22 June the village family day was held to wrap up the 2013 Show Day passion.

In the cool afternoon airstream from the Halafualagi, the village netball girls assembled at the grass court by the village motel for the friendly matches. A slothful beginning clasp the mood but soon momentum accelerates with time clicking away.

Behind the scene many families were cooking for the party at the hall later on in the evening.

 Today the sun seemed surprisingly kind if not idle which may describe the slow start. The sort of chilliness the children felt with ease and far from theNew   Zealandice storm which suspiciously has some effect on the senior members. Mild winter on the mainland cannot be compared to that in Kiwi land. Praise to those patriotic family members that made the effort to join in the big festival and already made advanced declarations to return next year.

 Acknowledgements to the senior elder Harry Jackson, Priscilla Tatui, Fiona Douglas and daughters Claudine and Maleone,  Agnes and Fred Samoa Family, Elder Solo and Thelma Kalauni, Irene Tohilima, Kei Kulatea, Sugafai Niufale, Morgan Lota Jackson and Family, Mitimale Tutavaha, Marylou Sami and children, Francis Mautama and Cecil Viviani, Steven and Mali Erick, Marvin Talagi Family and Lagaua Talagi and family and others who came for the Show Day. You all missed the celebration.

Quickly by 2 pmTuateaParkfilled with rainbow colours ready to scoop a glimpse of social entertainment.

First up, Hakupu 2 netball team clashed with the combined village boys in a friendly match. Morsheena Jackson and Maraveena Siohane got the girls ready for the clash. A friendly game that had more smiling and screaming than real fire play of the Thunderbirds. The boys led by Tristan Siohane loved wearing the yellow gay sashes as they giggled and stepped around the court like they were chasing a train of wild chicken.

If seeking for a warm up bonfire place the Fineone bar was the right place to be almost a few hours too early opening for all ages’ drinks and to soak down from the plantation contracts earlier in the day. Quentin Levi and wife Rose had all the time catching up with old friends and relaxed. Sitting from the wielded coconut shed with amazing observation of the mass crowd mainly the younger generation eager to participate in the tabloid sports.

Later Chairperson Itzy Tukuitoga turned up to make sure the programme flows as advertised. Though a bit behind against the inevitable time that can’t wait even by a minute the community spirit had begun to flourish ahead. Kids chuckled and freely indulged their freedom. In front of the main hall the boys looks eager with their coconut husking preparation. No sign of the elders on the field just yet.

On the go mode, Robin Toatolu and keen helpers set up the BBQ stand on the front end of the hall and instantly got the fire lighting. While VC Secretary Kerry Mautama and crew organized the tabloid games ready to start.

 If having nothing to do then the veranda and the ancient water tank were sure comforting zones to be and a can of icy beer. But more important was joining the fun on the field with the crowd. They burst out laughing and squealed along the way.

In the open women under bowl coconut throw, Nise Marie Jackson grabbed the gold with her runaway train throw. And soon the open men of twenty queued for their twist in front of the late Taliu Alapaki’s grave. The longest throw went to Ramona Jackson and the shortest distance remained with Elika Ahotaha with a fifteen centimetre clown throw. Veterans Olu Siohane and Hiva Levi gave their very best throws but the young generation were more energetic and determined.

Followed by the open men bowling which in the end the gold placing was shared by Andre Siohane and Crossley Tatui sponsored by Lino Siligi and Councillor Patlin Siligi..

Next it was moving time for the ladies netball team to spar with the mixed men. And sure rewarding for everyone despite the violent netball style of the fired up men. It was hard to judge whether it was modern netball or the old fashioned colonial bullying game.

Cr Michael Naea Jackson wrapped up a classic performance with rallying support of Jazz Funaki, Eugene Mautama, Le’Roy Tatui, Carl Mautama to edge out the true champions. There were tussles and squirms by the boys trying to manipulate the passing and stepping which showed how crazy netball could be.

 A European couple and child fromFranceandEnglandblessed the events with their presence and participation and guess what accommodation in the Hakupu Motel was right next to the court. It didn’t take hours to mingle and laughed together with their Hakupu families and proved what and how life is meant to be enjoyed.

No customary fuzz like inFijiwhere visitors must seek the Village leaders’ permission to enter and reside, here it was saintly simple. Living in harmony with everyone and indeed peacefully.

But more important the focus was on the prize giving, BBQ and refreshments later by which time night was a near shadow as the crowd dismissed to bring their dishes. Inside the hall buzzing noise and rumble from the big boys became louder. It was sure the village was never tired and eager to fulfil its 2013 vision. A simple revelation based on unity. The place you call home affects your moral stance and today counts as one of those favourite days.

Soon the place was busy as guests gathered for the presentation of prizes from the Show Day. There was no pressure to budge when reaching this altitude and the music adds to the party melody. Elder Nena Matalose Talagi sat on the veranda beamed of elation watching and talking to her friends a gesture of silent agreement. And Ofeila Talagi was ecstatic to dish out the first lot of awards to the junior weavers.

 Fia Levi spoke on behalf of the Council of Women before Luma Alapaki announced the place getters followed by the men folks.

 Veteran farmer Sefo Lui deservingly had the heavy prizes for the yam variety and mixed crops.

Then Deputy Chair Pacific Mautama announced the place getters for the men. There were clapping and shouts all in favour of the occasion which comes annually like the ‘kalahimu’ season.

The fellowship, food and drinks crystallize the fun then one by one, they left as volunteers just as when they enteredTuateaParkthat pioneer Kulatea gave generously for the education of the Hakupu clan. Only that this form of education was slightly different than 94 years ago.

MP, Senior Elder and Acting Pastor Young Vivian congratulated the people for the hard work and cooperation.

‘We will continue to make our village productive and friendly so others can come and enjoy the fun and peace if we keep trying. I can see new faces in the village and I am delighted which is the way to go. We deserve to pat ourselves and celebrate tonight’ Young remarked amid the large crowd.

The crowd jived and sang to farewell the night doing its permanent shift. It’s not too often that we get to mould the community spirit as one happy family with due respect to those whom can’t join the bash. There are other opportunities in future to look out for. But now takes the best bet while wondering about the mystery of what tomorrow may hold.

As the fun came to end and bones aching from the long day the Village Council team deserves another good rating and plan for 2014.

That was really good fun, well done, Kokela Siligi a strong supporter said with a big smile!!!!


10/06/2013 HAKUPU 2013 ANNUAL SHOW DAY, ANOTHER SUCCESS!(pic by jack feleti)

fiona jackson, priscilla tatui & miss funaki

The village annual festival held on Saturday 8 June has ended in good note. Electrifying celebration left like a candle whoosh in the easterly Tuhia-Atua trade winds.

Over three hundred people attended the big event at the Tuatea Community Park some early birds began arriving at the park at the crack of dawn. No doubt the wait was worth it forgetting the little errands of too many things occurring at once, the jovial spirit gelled it all and the photos would surely confirm the happy memories. But altogether bitter for some families who lost loved ones along the way.

Honoured with the presence of Hakupu expatriates, certainly not the best term to describe them and the special effort made to grace the festival. Among the highlight was the presence of Miss Niue-Aotearoa guided by Jennifer Etuata , wife of Brad Ikinepule and Nancy Manukuo. For the last six years the trend of visiting relatives and friends has become increasingly popular by year. Each year it seems to get bigger and better in particular areas as some activities may be out of fashion for the 21st century and modern ones were introduced.

The day offered what most visitors expected to see and share in the mood of festivity. It had kept everyone involved with the core stuffs busy since the last months and weeks. Often bothering families what they should sponsor on the day.

Annual Show Day is a celebration of village life and custom and one of the main events of village commemoration and entertainment of visitors. It is a day during winter season of fun and remembrance of all those loved ones whom carried the event to the present generation. Show Day is also a fabulous milestone of a community united to make a contribution towards nation building. It has become the biggest day of the village for reunion and festivity.

Dancing and music continue to be popular apart from feasting and taking a healthy stroll around the park. Long time friends enjoyed having past legends retold and honour those especially the tupunas who had passed on. It is considered the main reason some families and tupunas keep returning for the annual celebration.

Despite the extended drought conditions which affected taro production in the last half of 2012 the guys had baskets of assorted yam variety and bananas for display. It was a better heave of fresh produce and crops presented genuinely by the men folks. Otherwise frustration if desperate means to get a prize per se was used to taint the show’s integrity.

The women insisted on their hand crafts display no matter how few only took part in the event. President Kiliheke Viviani was a happy leader to see the united effort by her team.

The kids bicycle race organized by Rossy Mitiepo and the community reading class tutors was won clearly by Leilani Lui Ikiua, 2nd place Tristan Siohane, 3rd Mahalo Aue and Rickie Konelio and fourt place was Tongakilo Rhys Tohovaka. Birtha Tongahai sponsored the event in remembrance of the late Liutote Liuvaie.

The biggest uga award sponsored by Michael Jackson on behalf of Joseph Jackson was won by Carl Mautama.

From the various events the Strong Man show must take the limelight for its steady audience and fervour. The smiles on Nise and husband Regan Ioane’s faces showed it all amid the heated competition that Morrey Tukuniu, a part Hakupu heredity. It was the second year that they sponsored and organised the competition.

In the end another story was printed adding to the ancient legend of Fineone. Many who took part in past celebrations could only dream to join but not this time. But they are not forgotten in the founding story.

A marvellous achievement by everyone far and near whom cared to participate in the 2013 Hakupu Annual Show Day.

Congratulation to Chair Itzy Tukuitoga, Deputy Chair Pacific Enterprise Mautama, Cr Michael Naea Jackson, Cr Scan Mitiepo, Cr Patlin Siligi and Secretary General Kerri Mautama.


Serving the community makes a civilized person feels good and relieved. Put away pointless questions and excuses if you can’t make it for whatever reason, it’s your choice.This was evident during the Village Council working bee after work on Tuesday 21 May on the Tuhia sea track and internet mast cleaning.
The Pastor, village MP, Ekalesia General Secretary and elders Sefo Lui and Olu Siohane were there as Deputy Chair Pacific Mautama led the task force in maintaining the sea and tourism scenery track clean from the Anapala sign post near Olu’s house down to the cliff platform neat lawn.
The Tuhia and Anapala track has been a popular tourism attraction for visitors and friends. Thanks to the Tourism Office for funding and developing the cliff turf and lavatory.
‘This is good sign of unity for the attendants, to do exercise and get satisfied for having a clean track’ says MP Young Vivian.

The tourism office help maintain the Anapala turf and Tuhia cliff lawn and toilets but not the sea track. According to Michael Naea Jackson, the Government or tourists should pay something for accessing the scenery places especially as tour operators are having a free ride for nothing, Michael advised.

‘It is the solemn wish of the Council to secure funds so we can extend the electricity and water services to Tuhia soon. We have lodged a proposal for funding and hoping for a positive response ’Enterprise said.

‘That would be fantastic to have, maybe in the near future for our children’ Gemmo Mautama approved.

Robin Toatolu, Stuey Mautama and Suva Tatui operated the lawn mowers while Sefo Lui, Masela Togia, Rhys Tatui, Pacific Mautama, Olu Siohane, Ian Kavisi and Steve Alapaki used weed cutters for the hedges. Michael Jackson, Lanze Mautama, Lupo Tukuitonga, Ikipa Tony Mitikea and MP Young Vivian fronted the machete fly gang right down to the Anapala turf where the seats and park tables are, except a BBQ station to finish off the leisure park.

At the satellite mast turned internet station Pator Mokole and Councilor Scan Mitiepo were busy with the sharp bush knives to razor the fast growing wild vines.

Ritchie Mautama and sons Luke and Kapeni were there on the cliff cleaning and playing makatea.

‘It would be choice to have a BBQ unit at the Anapala car park or Tuhia lawn’ said Opo Mautama.

By the time the work force reached Tuhia Atua, darkness was setting in and time to return to the village. They loved the association and physical work out, still they dreamt of the day electricity and water supply services lands at Anapala and Tuhia.

‘We should raise fund if it takes too long for the proposal for funding to get through’Enterpriseremarked.

‘Why can’t we ask our friends and relatives overseas to chip in since we now have Kiwi Bank and internet banking’ he laughed.

That would be a fabulous idea to share and trial who the first good Samaritan would be to donate funds for the Anapala and Tuhia sea track development project fund. Simply the village council can open a bank account, invite and advertise the project. What a beauty to have a dedicated infrastructure for Tuhia in support of government effort to develop and promote the tourism industry.


The Government is about to reveal significant increase to village councils budget support for 2013/14 following a blurry meeting with village representatives last week. The move coincides with a calculated motion by MP Young Vivian for the Assembly and Cabinet to consider increasing the village grants from $5,000 to $15,000 for the new financial year to assist with beautification and cleaning of the villages. Overwhelming support by the Assembly means the Government would most likely fulfil its pledge. In time for the next budget to be introduced in the House there is growing interest to see what the real figures amount to. Premier Toke Talagi explained he hasn’t finalized discussions with the village councils to know what arrangement would be appropriate and the level of funding.

Hon Young Vivian raised a motion for the government to build 2-3 motels in each village in order to attract the village people back to Niue and to provide employment. The motion was unanimously carried but funding is the main barrier let alone there should be a formal report to show what lessons have been learnt from the present motel operators especially the Fine One Fales experience.

On the local scene, the HICT brand new overhead projector was loaned to the Sunday school group for the White Sunday programme which marks a major change to the whole event. In the pipeline HICT and Ekalesia have a joint initiative to purchase a photocopier if plans happen.

21/01/2013 VC Newsletter


The Niue Constitution does not clearly has a declaration for the sworn-in of village councillors but the Government believes in making sure they say and take the same oath with words showing the village council situation. With a broad gathering of mainly senior citizens of the village, Scan Mitiepo and Patlin Tukitoga-Siligi, took their oath at the Tuatea Community Centre on Sunday evening 9th of October 2013.

 Chair Itzy Viviani-Tukuitoga briefly introduced the new candidates to the village and soon Assemblyman Young Vivian performed the formal sworn in before the village. Fair to say though the ceremony atmosphere creates similar feeling and twitch of heart beat and satisfaction of the two volunteers like a US Presidential vow. Possibly, the sanctified part was placing the right hand on the bible to confirm real and honest commitment to the work of the council and in serving the village with dignity for the next three years. The very vital time too and vows which usually vanish as the appointee moves further into the village job.

The ceremony appears a balancing act to instruct the councillors they were appointed to carry the interests of the village based on biblical principles. Nothing describes accurately the new councillors’ pride and show of emotional strength for the tough task ahead.

Afterwards the councillors had a moment to reflect on their nomination and convincing minds to stand tall and serve the village.

hon.young vivian fakauku a scan mitiepo

Cr Mitiepo thanked the village for the honour and bestows of esteem to his name and vowed to help the village in ICT, Disaster Management and other tasks required of him.

‘Tonight is an honour to appear before you to say thank you indeed. We have come a long way up to the by-election to get declared and sworn in as a village councillor’ Cr Scan said with confidence.

‘I will serve you with integrity and my best strength’ he said.

Followed by Cr Siligi who frankly shared how she seeks support from her parents and received their blessings much to her acceptance.

fakauku a patlin siligi by hon.young vivian

‘I am conscious with the saying that being a Village Councillor, one must be prepared to take good and bad things and criticism from the people, Cr Patlin humbly remarked.

‘But I feel, I have the ability and commitment to take the challenge’ she concluded.

VC work is hard and needs enormous sacrifice on the part of the councillor and family says Young Vivian.


 ‘Takai’ is a local government area in the little town Takai inNigeria. InJapan, takai is an adjective to describe something as high, expensive and tall. Takai is also the name of the coil in the modern plug ignition system. The other takai meaning describes a chemistry reaction called takai olefination in organic chemistry.

But takai inNiuemeans the annual festivity rally of cars; vehicles and motor bikes Niuean are so in love with to celebrate New Year. A form of offbeat event unique toNiuewhere peace, freedom and goodwill is celebrated driving around the island, and give praises to God for the countless blessings to mark the closure of New Year celebrations. Takai is owned by all Niueans. Time when the New Year excitement peaks and getting back to routine duties.

According to legend, New Year was a time for families to visit their relatives and friends in another village, usually travelling on bicycles and walking the long distance in a calculated manner. Sometimes it takes up to a week to visit families in the different villages which usually ends with a big feed before the takai continues to the next village.

As time progresses and trucks were introduced the takai was made easier with the whole family or group riding on the truck tub. In those days there were noisy singing and screaming along the pot holed roads. Today, the takai story has been modernized and made more colourful with cars, trucks, vans and motor bikes.

On the real day, 12 January 2012, vehicles assembled at the Pastor’s front lawn to form the flotilla and made blessings before the takai starts its north bound journey. Village Elder Young Vivian told the crowd to cooperate, drive slowly and have a good time. The theme for the 2013 takai was ‘rejoice’ symbolic of the strong faith in God led by Pastor Mokole. The set time slowly crept by as the crowd moved slowly to the village green.

 It was organized politely by the new Village Council to start at 10 am to take advantage of the summer time and for the people to take a good rest afterward. Vehicles were torn on promoting the best decoration and motor bikes roaring in their muffler-less inventions.

 New Testament and Le’Roy Tatui led the Super Black Gangsters or Men in Black on the bunk motor bikes. They loved it on the roar bang, deafening but great fun. Youngest biker Stuey Mautama smiled all the way and revved his red scooter to the full. He and Suva Tatui were soaking up with black paint on their faces posing on Negro mood of The God’s Must Be Crazy movie. Genaro Akesi joint the gang in Hikutavake and got stuck until the end. For the vehicles, Mitch Manukuo, Colin Etuata and Pitasoni Mahalo Tanaki must take the best takai title of; Mongrel Mob’ blended with gin and tonic drinks. The short break for swimming atAvateleBeachwas enjoyed especially by the little kids. At the same time, the united takai began to scatter and ruffle.

It’s a good time to embrace each other and fill the missing gaps. Creating colourful decorations have been tiresome in the humid climate. In all, the takais were overly multi-coloured, anticipated and impossible to judge. You need to take part to know the sensation and appreciate the spectators. The black and white theme follows the village colours. Unfortunately, the village guards were left behind to cook; clap and baby sit the village. Ritchie Mautama, Holo Lui, Steve Alapaki, Lanze Mautama, Arthur Mautama and Ace Kalauni built a perfect marquee at Lalofetau and roasted two pigs for the feast at Tuatea afterward. The farewell function rounded off a brilliant takai.

As planned, the tar sealed road from Hakupu to Liku complements the island ring road, takai. Normal life has once again begun for the 2013.


At the first meeting since elected, the Hakupu Village Council in its bid to start the new business agenda for the village called on the people to unite and work hard to do more practical work than talk.  The newly elected members are: Itzy Viviani-Tukitoga (Chair), Pacific Enterprise Mautama (Deputy Chair), Michael Naea Jackson (Member), (Scanland Bua Mitiepo (Declared Member), Patlin Tukitoga Siligi (Declared Member), Kerri Sifa Funaki-Mautama (Secretary).

Few people attended the meeting at the Tuatea Community Hall to listen, discuss and evaluate the financial reports of the outgoing council presented by former Chair Tom Misikea. Certain issues remain to be resolved after a thorough discussion until the reports are audited.

The meeting was unanimous in calling attention on the disbursement of funds towards the United Nations Community Centred Sustainable Development (UNCCSD) co-funded Millennium Village Pilot project in conjunction with the people of Hakupu, overseas families and the Niue Government. They said there should be more focus on the accountability of village revenue collected to help purchase and the running of the tractor, mower and slash units. In the midst of the tractor project, each household was levied $100 compulsory contribution which was later extended to overseas families. Concern raised relates to the lack of communication about the mowing programme. Former Chair remarked that not all of the families have paid their $100 fees and they should pay up as agreed to.

The meeting also discussed the progress of the village accommodation units, namely the Fine One Fale’s. A Working Committee that was set up in 2009 to complete the accommodation units had to be terminated for unfamiliar reasons. Despite the provisional offer of technical and financial support  at the time to lift the motel profile from the New Zealand High Commission Office and Niue Tourism office, negotiations lapsed with the Committee.

SPREP according to Tom Misikea would likely fund the solar units for the motels and the village people are expected to assist with contribution in kind to the work. Niue Tourism cannot include the motels in their promotional and marketing list yet until the units are completed to the required tourism standards.

Reports on the UNCCSD activities have yet to be done for discussion. In the meanwhile, the UNDP has approved NZ$22,000 for the project in what is understood to be the last phase of the Millennium Village pilot project. The current Chair of the Council, Itzy Lauaki Tukuitoga, shall become Chair for the UNCCSD Task Force and membership will be voted in their next meeting.

Establishment of this village web site is part and parcel of the UNNCCSD initiative driven by the Hakupu Information Communication and Technology Committee, its members and supported by Rocket Systems and the Niue Government.


Gazzette Declaration of Candidates 2012 VC BY-ELECTIONS (source: Justice Department – Government of Niue)

vc by-elections gazette 11 2012 (source: Justice Department – Government of Niue)



Village Council 2008 – 2011/2012

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