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For 30 years, the historical milk shed at the former Tuatea Primary School now has a new cover. The old roofing cap was dismantled by Cyclone Heta between Sunday and Monday morning by the devastating twister to hit Niue 10 years ago. It was 2004, vividly a living experience to see the compacted shed quivered by the scale 5 cyclone. Thanks to the fund raising efforts by the former and current councils and the community. 

Various attempts and endless meetings finally saw the restoration work going. The cause of community unity has not suffered the wild cyclone after all and while it took time the job is now over. It was a job considered important enough for all the previous generations of the old school to thank for. As it was in fact held up for longer to repair, sometimes as other dream about ideas remain hanging. 

The most momentous story of the week relates to the walking distance to fetch a half coconut shell of boiled skimmed milk and tread 30 meters to join the cluster of friends having lunch. Sometimes it took longer, not hours, to reach the little camp lucky to save quarter of the milk received from the dipper. The large ‘pine’ tree by the large field had fallen in 1993. Some kids would like it pure liquid and others somewhat eager to test the bottom fluffy residue. The bare grass no one knows what nature has in store while the kids settled down to enjoy the milk and butter less biscuits or leftover cassavas from dinner the night before. 

A scoop of milk felt vital for the health of the pupils in those days. Few unlucky ones didn’t last the distance and had to surrender to the whirlwind from Tuhia turning back for the second serve. And my boy, the old caretaker Uncle Halamamao was not someone pleasant at his height to fool around with. His ignorance of why it happened, and the roughness of allowing small kids to carry shelled hot milk with both hands always takes one to the edge of an accident happening. Here you have the boys won the race because of their harsh discipline and like the old warden Mao, full of arrogance too. It was the outhouse where the naughty boys once burnt the former headmaster Sialemisa Kulatea’s discipline whack whip. That was tough in the days before civilization bans whipping of kids at school. And night time when there was dancing in the hall next door a cool resting spot stable enough for the gender to dismiss tensions. 

Head carpenter Ritchie Mautama and Holo Tualau successfully unlock the mystery in less than 4 hours. Assisted by New Testament Aue, Robin Toatolu, Andre Siohane, Suna Mautama on the roof. The ground gang of VC Vice Chair Pacific Mautama, Cr Scan Mitiepo, Olu Siohane, William Liuvaie, Le’Roy Tatui, Stuey Mautama, Suva Tatui, Moose Tanaki, Laupula, Pita Tanaki, Pastor Mokole, Whydean Mitikea, Kokela Siligi, Crossley Tatui, Mahalo Aue and Troy Tatui helped tidy up the landscape. 

 Here is the patience of the milk shed awaiting its fate eventually restored to the sacred being and those of the tupunas that loved to see the work done in their time. With the village annual show day looming, the probability of the project being completed was raised. 

However, the VC surprised the timing of the project in time before the big day. Among the village projects, a working bee is planned for the coming weekend. But looking back to the milk shed restoration the past few weeks taught us, the wait was worthwhile. 

The Village Council requests any Good Samaritan with photos of the old milk shed to kindly come forward with your help towards the milk shed launching event. Can you please contact VC Vice Chair Pacific Mautama. 

15/12/2012 – Cementing and Completion of the Public Toilet Project – Tuatea Community Hall

Tuatea Development Project

Saturday 15th December carry mix signs of festivity and winding down celebrations for families and groups on the rock.

Even with cyclone threat to other parts of the Pacific region and advanced family planning and pre-commitments for Christmas, the Hakupu Village Council Task Force, which is the investment arm of the Hakupu Village Council, stood steadfast to organize a special working bee at the Tuatea Community Building to improve the back veranda of the community hall adjoined to the legendary milk shed.

 Vice Chair, Pacific Enterprise Mautama and Councillor Scan Mitiepo led the work force under the able technical guidance of Building Contractor, Ritchie Mautama of Mautama Constructions Limited.

In line with the strategic village plan which has co-funding arrangement with overseas donors, Niue Government, Hakupu expatriate communities in New Zealand and Australia, and the resident population the newly elected council wasted no time doing things that matters to the people and visitors.

A detailed work plan is being finalized between the people and village council to help steer priority activities in the next 12 months.

In four hours, the Task Force completed the cement work just in time to reveal a successful working bee and tiring souls.

When it comes to real practical work, the village deserves to see dedicated members and volunteers  working together to make things happen as opposed to spending too much time spent on meetings with lengthy political discussions that has little value and less or varied actions which often go astray from the agreed resolutions.

We are at the very early stage, learning some of the things as we go and putting things in the right perspective. For now, some current arrangements from the previous Council must be made clear and we will be seeking proper advice and getting the right background information from the Government in that respect, Vice Chair Pacific Mautama said.

It is important to clarify the council’s role and those we engage to give advice and perform Committee work. We have high regard for voluntary work but they must work within the council stipulations, he concluded.

(tama ha Mr Ritchie mo Valentine Mautama)


May 2010 – Transporting of Canoe Logs from ViniVini Bush Track, Liku to Saw Mill and to Home (Scan Mitiepo, Fapoi Akesi and Launa Gataua)