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Newest approach to educate grassroots people saw Resource Experts, New Testament Aue and Tom Mitikea conducted a workshop on citrus and poultry management at Tuatea on Wednesday 27 March from 4 pm onwards. The initiative led by Andre Siohane and New Aue soon transformed into action. News spread quickly around the village. The workshop was widely seen as a positive move towards family and individual self sufficiency. It was a trial run but already showing helpful lessons for the participants.

The session began on time with a field tour around New and Showena Aue’s residence by the community centre where the varieties of citrus trees are planted. As the crowd gets bigger the onsite practical training part was almost over to start the theory side in the hall. New Aue demonstrated his own practical experience and specialised knowledge in citrus management with the goal to funnel down knowledge and skills to the village men folk. Tohi Mitiepo, Fia Levi, Luma Alapaki, Showena Aue, Ligimanogi Mitikea, Patlin Siligi and Sapina Fakanaiki of the Hakupu Council of Women also took part in the sessions.

“The choice is yours to decide’ says New Aue.

‘Things can be done especially using the organic method of citrus management. The same principles apply for pineapples and other similar domestic crops” he asserts the participants.

The power point presentation wraps up key details of citrus management and the type of chemical to be used if required.

Tom Mitikea, Livestock and Poultry specialist continued with the poultry management session that the men folk should learn to nurture imported live chicks as alternative choice of food source to the local chicken (Moa Kapeni Kuki or Moa Niue). He reminded the workshop participants the use of local leaves and water to ensure the livelihood of poultry stock.

The workshop was funded by the Hakupu Council of men and facilitated by Fa’apoi Akesi. Everyone in the end enjoyed a cultural feast of non-ration food and drinks.

Participants: Rev Igatiatama Mokole, Hon Young Vivian, Hon Michael Naea Jackson, Kenrick Manatau Viviani (Chair of Hakupu Council of Men), Robert Jackson, Fa’apoi Akesi, Danny Viviani, Oluolu Siohane, Gemmo Mautama, Jack Feleti, Crossley Tatui, Ritchie Mautama, Pacific Enterprise Mautama (Vice Chair of Hakupu VC), Andre Siohane (Chair of Infraustructure Committee), Hubert Kalauni, Tohi Mitiepo, Luma Alapaki, Fia Levi (Deputy Chair-Hakupu Council of Women), Cr Patlin Siligi, Showena Tanaki-Aue, Ligimanogi Mitikea, Tom Mitikea (ResourcePerson), New Aue (Resource Person), Mahalo Junior Aue, Zenith Tomailuga.

14th Thursday, October 2010

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